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Mindtree delivers digital transformation and technology services from ideation to execution, enabling Global 2000 clients to outperform the competition. “Born digital,” Mindtree takes an agile, collaborative approach to creating customized solutions across the digital value chain. We are co-headquartered in Bangalore, India and New Jersey.

Founded in 1999, we are now 17,000+ Mindtree Minds across the globe. Our annual revenue crossed $700+ million in 2015-16. Mindtree provides services in e-commerce, mobile applications, cloud computing, digital transformation, data analytics, EAI and ERP, with more than 290 clients and offices in 14 countries.

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Meet our Minds

Ian Fraser

Ian Fraser

Senior Director – Business Development

Working at Mindtree has brought opportunities and challenges I never thought I would have the chance to experience, and working with passionate and dedicated colleagues has enabled me to develop and learn both professionally and as an individual. I quickly became part of the unique Mindtree culture that is customer focused, ethical and friendly, and every day I’m amazed at the smart and skilled colleagues I am able to collaborate with.

Kayla DeJesus

Kayla DeJesus

Software Engineer

Mindtree’s investment in my career as a software engineer has truly been an honor and a privilege. Since becoming a Mindtree Mind, I have gained an abundance of skills and experience due to excellent professional opportunities and development. I love the spirited culture of collaboration between bright and diverse Minds. It ensures continuous improvement and motivation to thrive in the industry, thus, making Mindtree a great place to work.

Candace R

Candace R

Senior Test Engineer

As someone who changed careers in their mid-40’s, Mindtree has been tremendous in helping me achieve my new career goals. I have been given ample learning opportunities which have helped me become a valuable Mindtree Mind. The Managers are very interested in seeing you succeed and will do all they can to help you achieve your goals.

Brandon W

Brandon W

Software Engineer

Mindtree offered me the opportunity that otherwise could only be obtained by going back to college. Mindtree has a great culture that invests in its people and encourages them to learn new skills which not only make them individually successful but in turn make the company overall successful. I am proud to be a part of the Mindtree family and am thankful for the numerous opportunities presented to me at work.

Lisa Menoche Shaver

Lisa Menoche Shaver

Senior Consultant

My journey with Mindtree began in July 2014 as a sub-contractor. Four short months later I was a Mindtree Mind. I have had the good fortune to work on many exciting projects and in many roles. The best part to me is the quality of the folks that I work with. Their work ethics, genuine smiles, generous hearts, and brilliant Minds make Mindtree a very special company to work for.

Tomas P

Tomas P

Technical Lead

At Mindtree you are constantly encouraged to push yourself to your true potential. You could find yourself working on many different projects that require you to use a diverse set of skills. These opportunities provide the necessary environment for professional development, challenge, and engagement that I want out of a workplace.

Terry J

Terry J

Senior Software Engineer

I’ve worked in many places, but I’ve never met so many friendly people and experienced such a friendly atmosphere as in Mindtree, Gainesville. The culture is casual, flexible and emphasizes teamwork. Projects are diverse and provide enormous opportunities to hone skills or develop new ones. Everyone from the top to bottom is approachable and willing to help.

Tara Parkins

Tara Parkins

Software Engineer

I love coming to work to see everyone’s smiling faces. Mindtree’s environment is fun, fresh, and exploding with brilliant people.  Every day I am challenged to learn something new.

George T

George Trimis

Senior Test Engineer

Working for Mindtree has accelerated my career experience. I have had more releases in one year, than most people have in three. There is always an opportunity to learn something, or try something new. The company fosters innovation by getting behind a good idea and then providing the resources to see it completion.

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Homecoming – Careers for Mindtree Alumni

Thank you for actively considering Mindtree as your career destination of choice...AGAIN!.

As a Mindtree Mind Alumni, you are well versed with our business domains, people practices and the Mindtree way of working which has helped grow our business and technologies. You have lived our values of Collaborative Spirit, Unrelenting Dedication and Expert Thinking. As a previously contributing member to our current success, we are keen to have you back with us.

You may apply to any of the careers listed on our career portal by selecting the option "yes" against "Former Mindtree Mind" field.

If you have any queries, please write to alumni.careers@mindtree.com mentioning your MID, Full Name and query. We will contact you appropriately.

Alumni Careers Team,

  • Archana P
    Archana P
    Module Lead

    The relationship between an employee and an employer is very well stated when the employee joins back after a break. Trust, faith and confidence multiplies in either case. Mindtree has proved that. Thanks Mindtree.

  • Aruna K
    Aruna K

    I started my career as a Campus Mind. My entire career has been built with only Mindtree. As every women has a situation to make a choice between family and career, Mindtree has helped me to retain my career by providing two yearlong sabbaticals. It was situation when I had no hope that I would be able continue my career after my second child and I wanted to part ways. However Mindtree gave me a year’s sabbatical leave and gave me hope that I can still continue my journey. When I really parted ways to raise my family they promised to open the door whenever I come back. So after 2 years 10 months of career break, I was welcomed with the same hope and a challenging career when I returned! All I would say whenever I thought it will be impossible, Mindtree has made it possible. If you are looking for transparency, integrity and women friendly organization then Welcome to Possible.

  • Balamurali K A
    Balamurali K A
    Sr. Program Manager

    I had left Mindtree in end of January, 2015 for an opportunity in an old company where I worked but returned back to Mindtree again as it didn't work out. My main reasons for re-joining Mindtree are:

    1. Work Culture
    2. Approach-ability of the Senior Management
    3. The vision of the newly formed Digital Business vertical
  • Bhupesh KM
    Bhupesh KM
    Technical Lead

    I had been in Mindtree from Jul 2006 to Oct 2007 and moved to a product company after that. After 7 years in that company, i realized that Mindtree is the best place to realize my career aspirations. I rejoined Mindtree in June 2015 for my second innings...all i can say is that it's good to be back in Mindtree.

  • Diana P
    Diana P
    Technical Lead

    I was a Mindtree mind from Nov 2008 to Oct 2013, post which I decided to quit and take break to be with my new born daughter. Now that she is 2 years old, I decided to join back Mindtree, in spite of the distance from my place of residence for one compelling reason...I have always got recognized and rewarded for my work here and have had a very fulfilling professional experience. You need to feel happy about where you go to work for, and for me, it has been Mindtree. So on the whole, very happy to be a part of Mindtree again!

Archana P Aruna K Balamurali K A Bhupesh KM Diana P

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2015 ASTD BEST Award winner.
Accessibility and Universal Design
Most promising company of the year 2013
Digital transformation Czar
Emerging Azure partner of FY15
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Major Contender & Star Performer
Ranked 424 in Fortune 500 India - 2013