The Mindtree USDC, in Gainesville, Florida, is an exceptional combination of people, deep domain expertise and technology capabilities all in a state-of-the-art facility designed for agile development. If you are interested in custom development, things that are front-end, interactions that are high-touch, attitudes that are client important and solutions that can't-miss (and won’t), we’re here for you. We're in the same time zone. We're close. We're local. We understand your business. We understand your industry. Our focus on shorter delivery cycles mitigates risk. Our early corrective actions meet release timelines. Our innovative product development and insightful technology advances achieve faster time to market, increase return on investment, and lower your risk.

Our breadth of operation across key industry groups, areas of expertise and differentiators enables efficient insights and solution approaches. We are able to scale to bring the multidisciplinary technology knowhow to fit your immediate business needs.

IT Development Center

Delivery center benefits

The Mindtree USDC in Gainesville, FL is a cost competitive onshore option of the highest quality. We understand your business, industry and customers – we are your customers. From our first client meeting, we are on the same page. At the USDC, your team will be able to collaborate with our Minds in real time. We can adjust project needs as the market is changing in real time. We understand your constraints. We can adapt our environment to match your needs and support data security requirements. We are Agile. We can help you achieve your expected results.

High touch to high touch

Mindtree does not exist without unparalleled service to our clients. We deal with customers who have many customers and we build them solutions that help them to better interact with their customers. Their success is more important to us than our success. That’s been what's made us special in the market. Come see for yourself.

Welcome to possible.

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Agile - A way of life at Mindtree USDC, Gainesville.
Mindtree USDC, Gainesville
USDC Ribbon Cutting
with FL Governor Rick Scott



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