Device manufacturers are transforming from a device centric approach to a solutions and services approach. This transformation has started to change the complete ecosystem and expectations from service partners. They also need to deliver solutions to meet the changing consumer demand and lifestyle.

Our Device+ strategy offers a plethora of solutions for enterprises ranging from chip to cloud, catering to each stage including pure play product development. We develop and maintain service delivery platforms for provisioning new services and develop applications for devices. Our web and e-commerce solutions help realize websites and portals. Further, our cloud solutions enable easy storage and distribution of content.

Our Device+ services for the consumer industry are detailed below:

Device Strategy

We deliver services and solutions to customers in connected homes, infotainment and digital media.

Connected homes

The trend in the connected homes is ushering in a new age of convenience and convergence. Mindtree enables customers to create healthier, greener and safer homes. Our focus areas include, integrated security solutions, smart energy solutions and personal health monitoring solutions.

Connected Home Solutions

Integrated security

Over the years, Mindtree has built excellent credentials on the video surveillance as well as access security domain. We offer device services from system design to cloud enablement and professional services.

Smart energy

Consumers are demanding more reliable and cost-effective energy solutions, with better access to their consumption and situational data, so as to make informed decisions. Technology plays a crucial role across the lifecycle of energy utilization. The vision of Smart Grid can be realized if we have energy systems that are intelligent and networked.

Mindtree has a dedicated group focusing on the Smart Grid for the energy and utilities sector. Mindtree has helped leading technology and CIO organizations to build successful products and solutions for the Smart Grid.

Our capabilities in this sector can best be summarized as below:

smart energy solutions

Personal health monitoring

Telehealth is gaining wide acceptance and popularity today. Mindtree works with players across the Telehealth ecosystem. Our expertise in Bluetooth® and the IPs have helped many device manufacturers add connectivity to their devices.

Digital media

The exponential growth in the digital television market and proliferation of broadband networks throughout the world, is expediting the convergence of TV and internet services. This is a great opportunity for set top box manufacturers. It has also opened up new avenues for companies who manage, deliver and aggregate digital content delivered to homes.

Mindtree has been working on digital media technologies for over ten years. We have rich experience across applications, middleware, user interface, interactivity, conditional access and platforms.

We provide product engineering services to top semiconductor and middleware vendors. We work with OEMs to create differentiated product offerings. Mindtree has invested in creating licensable Ready-to-Manufacture (R2M) STB design targeted for leading OEMs.

We also partner with content aggregators, content managers and end-operators in the areas of application development, content management, DRM integration and portal development.

We have a proven track record in serving companies in the product development space in STB / DTV / DVR domain.

Infotainment and telematics

There is an increasing convergence of consumer electronics and wireless technologies to meet the need for ‘entertainment on the move’. As telematics services move to the next level, intelligent platforms for communication with central monitoring stations are emerging. Manufacturers need to develop high performance fleet management systems at low cost, while still meeting stringent safety norms.

Mindtree’s end-to-end Device+ capabilities address communication and infotainment challenges for automotive ecosystem players. We understand the range of technologies used in storage formats, audio / video streaming and wired / wireless connectivity. Our in-depth expertise working across these areas, combined with domain skills in the automotive space enables us to develop world-class infotainment and wireless products.

We enable our customers to take products to the market and support their service delivery through end-to-end platform engineering and sustenance.