Reshape IT Strategies to Gain Competitive Advantage

For today’s consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, new challenges are impacting revenues, profits and growth in an increasingly competitive marketplace. On one side, digitization and social media require more innovative consumer engagement. On the other side, rising operating, manufacturing and compliance costs require razor-thin inventory levels. To meet these challenges, many CPG organizations are reevaluating their traditional IT strategies-and looking for new ways to meet customer needs while aligning with business goals.

These forward-thinking companies are using innovative solutions to improve digital asset utilization, identify cross-sell opportunities, collaborate better with partners and suppliers, employ analytics to gain industry and customer insights, and transition to a multi-point engagement strategy. To fast track these solutions, CPG leaders are turning to IT solution partners with expertise in emerging technologies as well as deep industry experience.

At Mindtree, we’ve partnered with 4 of the top 10 global CPG enterprises and reshaped their IT strategies to succeed in this new environment. We deliver improved customer engagement and distributor connectivity through digital solutions, consolidate legacy systems to reduce operating and management costs, and provide analytics that enable better decision making and prepare you for future trends.

Mindtree helps CPG companies transform their technology through:

  • Distribution Management addressing sales, distribution, secondary channel management, accounting, masters, distributor portal, field staff portal and mobile sales force automation
  • Sales Force Automation delivering critical information and insights to give your sales force a competitive advantage
  • Digital Marketing that empowers enterprises in the digital world with next generation solutions based on advanced analytics, mobility, cloud and SaaS

From improving consumer engagement through digital business solutions for a CPG organization with 53 brands and 200+ brand-country combinations, to delivering a next generation digital marketing platform that significantly reduces time-to-market-Mindtree can help you reach new levels of success.

Welcome to possible: Revitalizing IT for Global CPG Enterprise
When a leading CPG organization with operations in 100+ countries wanted to revitalize its online brand platform to improve user engagement, they turned to Mindtree. After collaborating with the client to develop a roadmap for a redesign of their website, Mindtree developed a solution that eliminated the company’s dependency on legacy systems. The solution cost 20% less than alternatives, delivered 70% improvement in site response time and increased visitors by more than 188x. The solution also included a scalable platform to support localization and enabled go-to-market in 1.5 months.






Superior customer collaboration and engagement