Mobile commerce

Internet on mobile has transformed the way consumers connect with each other and more importantly, with enterprises. Convenience and mobility is what drives them. Enterprises need to be part of this experience and deliver consistent brand experiences.

Mindtree’s expertise works towards achieving a deeper enterprise-consumer relationship. The mobile commerce framework enables customers to engage the consumer swiftly and innovatively.

The framework has been designed to enable mobile commerce for key business functions for a retailer that includes promotions, multichannel commerce, payment, shopping list creation, loyalty programs, product information, order management, catalog management and value-add services.

Customer benefits

  • Lower customer acquisition costs, sharper targeting of the consumer with mobile-led promotional activities
  • Increase in value of transactions per customer through personalized consumer promotions, by integrating credit cards and loyalty cards into mobile phones
  • A smarter shopping experience and reduce in-store search time thereby increasing customer delight
  • Lower cost of customer retention and improve loyalty by integrating consumer information into the consumer's mobile