Travel and distribution

Today, travel products are purchased and distributed using complex distribution models. It is a result of increasing supplier influence, decreasing distribution costs and new distribution channels. Consumers are migrating to new options like travel websites to buy travel packages and products.

Mindtree develops innovative solutions for the travel distribution industry. Our domain knowledge and IT solutions help enterprises develop and sell travel packages using multiple digital platforms. We analyze data from multiple sources and offer solutions to increase profit margins and address the needs of emerging markets.

Mindtree has partnered with leading travel distributors in building IT products. We help them in strategic planning for marketing, sales and distribution networks, fulfillment and operations processes.

We made significant investments in technical and business frameworks, like OTA and enterprise DW frameworks that help jump start projects.

Our solutions include

  • Custom-built portals for content distribution and management
  • Internet booking engines for corporate and retail users with multi-supplier integration and white label solutions
  • SOA platforms and web services
  • Device agnostic solutions
  • GDS and supplier interfaces
  • Agency desktops
  • Tour systems that cover product management, POS, mid-office and back-office
  • Packaged solutions that enable up-sell and cross-sell

Success Stories


Paul Kremer - Program Director for E-Commerce, Avis

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