Turn big data into intelligence and actionable insights

Turn big data into intelligence and actionable insights

Enterprise big data initiatives face a massive challenge in processing and pulling value out of volume. But the right big data services can process huge volumes of data to extract the kind of actionable insights that can truly drive a business forward.

At Mindtree, we believe that predictive analytics should be an essential part of every business decision. Our company ranks among the pioneers in big data analytics services and consulting. Our global enterprise clients rely on our big data services to reduce costs, increase efficiency and create new revenue streams.

Our big data analytics services include:

  • Big data labs and Centers of Excellence (CoEs) across multiple locations that focus on product evaluation and performance benchmarking
  • Innovative industry frameworks tailored for specific industry needs
  • Industry-specific key performance indicator (KPI) toolkits
  • Starting point to endpoint implementation assessments
  • Big data maturity roadmaps and reference architecture
  • Partnerships and alliances with major big data solutions vendors
  • Big data analytics accelerators and aggregators

Mindtree’s Big Data Academy is a major component of our big data analytics services offerings. We developed this innovative program to anticipate global technology trends and to better prepare our engineers for the next-generation of our data-driven world. Academy trainees undergo rigorous 45-day classroom training as they analyze real-world use cases. We recognize top performers and support them in doing their best work for our clients.

Our Big Data Academy has three tracks:

  • Business track – In this track, senior Mindtree business leaders who work in a variety of domains are exposed to technology trends and learn the potential impact to their sectors.
  • Big Data track – This track focuses on applying new technologies to support business needs such as scalability, performance and near real-time inputs for decision making.
  • Analytics and advanced visualization track – This track covers big data analytics modelling, advanced data visualization skills and tools, and big data analytics best practices.