Enterprise Application Services

Maximize your application availability, agility and predictability

In today’s on-demand, 24/7 business environment, application failure or unexpected downtime can have a devastating impact on any organization. To deliver the full benefits of critical applications, companies need the technical expertise, time and resources to manage diverse application environments. But with shrinking maintenance budgets, increasingly complex infrastructures, and limited visibility into applications and their supporting systems, resolving issues can sometimes take too long and result in frustrated end users and lost revenue.

The challenges for managing enterprise applications continue to grow as mobility and security become increasingly critical as well. Users need to work faster and more efficiently than ever, and to do so, they need enterprise applications on a variety of mobile devices and screen sizes. While organizations struggle to make enterprise applications more widely available, they find that they must do more to increase application and data security to protect valuable company data. A partner with in-depth experience in enterprise application services (EAS) consulting can help ensure your enterprise applications work the way they should.

Mindtree helps some of the world’s most successful organizations effectively manage mission-critical applications to ensure around-the-clock availability with our EAS consulting solutions. We can help you proactively solve issues before users are affected and react faster to market opportunities. We collaborate to understand your business so we can deliver robust enterprise application management solutions that reduce costs, minimize risk, improve ROI, and support your long-term objectives.

An important component of our enterprise applications services, Mindtree’s enterprise application maintenance services are tailored to fit your IT environment and business needs and our on-demand services provide a holistic view of your applications, including a scalability assessment, portfolio analysis and sourcing strategies. We set up the processes, organize teams and frameworks for application management, assess existing processes and identify gaps, and deliver reports on each application’s contributions to your overall strategy.

Maximize availability, agility and predictability | Enterprise Application Services