Deliver Products and Applications to Market Faster

In today’s 24/7 economy, organizations are forced to get their products to market fast-and ensure they don’t have defects. To accomplish this, businesses need a strategic approach to product testing for quality, automation, predictability and cost reduction. This is critical for gaining market leadership, profitability and end-user satisfaction. However, without an experienced testing partner, your products and applications won’t meet your customers’ needs.

Mindtree’s independent test services automate the testing process to ensure your products and applications fulfill your customers’ expectations. Our ROI-based testing approach effectively predicts and manages risks to deliver defect-free results. We use robust processes and superior governance practices to consistently deliver end-to-end, high-quality testing solutions that are flexible, scalable and reliable.

Here’s how Mindtree independent testing services help you deliver defect-free solutions:

  • MindTest methodology is based on best practices established through testing thousands of applications in an environment of continuous process improvement. It manages the testing and delivers measurable and predictable quality to build solutions with a quantifiable ROI.
  • Performance Testing begins at the design stage of the development lifecycle. Our approach defines customers’ perception of performance, builds performance based on analysis and objectives, and tracks relevant metrics to measure product/application performance.
  • Security Testing ensures applications are secure against known and unknown vulnerabilities, application data is secure and applications are compliant with all security regulations.
  • Test Accelerator Kit minimizes risks and improves test productivity and predictability, and provides a rich, reusable repository of over 30 proprietary tools, frameworks and best practices.
  • Test and Quality Consulting offers expert strategy and planning services as well as tactical delivery for successful implementation. Consultants present a well-balanced and tailored approach using best practices and standards.
  • Test Automation is backed by Test Labs innovation hubs for automation solutions built on new tools and technologies. We create and leverage several proprietary frameworks and industry-specific tools that are meaningful for your test automation objectives and suit your budget requirements.
  • Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) enables fast deployment of innovative products and services by becoming your test team extension. The TCoE focuses on processes, people, tools, domain knowledge and best practices to deliver comprehensive testing, flexible frameworks, governance models and shared processes.       

From delivering a 30% reduction in test automation development efforts for the world’s leading provider of tax and accounting software to improving predictability in costs and risks through a unit based pricing model for a leading US bank, Mindtree offers the tools and services you need to optimize testing and deliver defect-free products.

Welcome to Possible: Test Case Solution for Leading Broadcaster
When a leading public broadcast enterprise needed a platform to address the needs of a uniform test case management system, they selected Mindtree. We enabled the customer to standardize test planning and workflows so that all projects would follow a common strategy. This included evaluating and analyzing tools for a common test case management system (TCMS), developing custom ruby scripts to help import test cases, building custom reports and conducting workshops. The solution helped product managers to make more informed business decisions, track the feature stability, automate the testing process, ensure live reporting of test progress across projects and ensure automation integration.





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