Mindtree's mWorkspace application provides the users with information on the health of the project and ability to take basic actions based on the results.  

Using the application the users will be able to do the following

  • View list of projects the user is related to, along with the status, indication of alerts (if any) and values of the key KPIs as configured.
  • KPI - KPIs in SAP CPM are predefined and the user can choose to see all KPI values on the mobile app. For each KPI the actual value is displayed and planned value will be shown if it is relevant. For example - cost and revenue have planned values but for change requests, there is no planned number.
  • Alerts - For the KPIs, the thresholds are configurable in SAP CPM. If the actual goes beyond the threshold then an alert is triggered. Alerts have 3 levels of criticality – high, medium and low. The users can take the following actions for each alert
    • Search in the project team members to get contact details and call
    • Send emails to concerned project team members
    • Make notes for self, which gets stored locally and can be viewed on need.  Notes can also be made at the project level and this will be stored on iPad.
    • Set reminders to self on the iPad
    • Go into project analytics section, which is related to the alert to make further analysis.
  • Trends:  Trends in the project for 4 different parameters are displayed, they are as given below. The managers can make manual edits to the trends based on their knowledge of the project for any of the parameters.
    • Overall status
    • Budget & staffing
    • Planning & execution
    • Quality
  • Project analytics : Financial details in terms of charts and graphs are displayed in this section which can also be reached from Alerts, we have 6 pre-defined charts
    • Cumulative cost (Planned v/s Actual) -  By time / resource
    • Cumulative revenue (Planned v/s Actual) - By time / resource
    • Aged debt report (Amount) - By due days
    • Work In progress - By due days
    • Cumulative Percentage of Completion (Progress Percentage) - By time
    • Change request - By priority / status
  • Configuration of projects / alerts / KPI that user is interested

Technologies used: iOS, SUP 2.2
Please refer to User Manual for more information on the application.

Application is available in Apple Store as well as SAP Store.

For further details, please send an email to and a Mindtree representative will get in touch with you at the earliest.

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