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EtherMind – 4.2 Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready Protocol Stack and Profiles

Mindtree’s EtherMind IP 4.2 is a Bluetooth software consisting of stacks, profiles and application frameworks for both Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready. It includes all the mandatory as well as optional features of the Bluetooth stack and the latest Bluetooth profiles. This Bluetooth Software IP is easily portable across different OS and variety of processor platforms including 8 bit processors for Bluetooth Smart.

Mindtree’s IP has been integrated into multiple products and is designed to suit the needs of product OEMs, ODMs and Semiconductor companies. This Bluetooth Software IP has also been proven for interoperability extensively by our customers.

EtherMind Classic Bluetooth stack and profiles has been hardened in mobile devices and mono headsets which simplifies maintenance, builds reliable functioning and a holistic view to increase quality of service (QoS). The EtherMind Bluetooth stack can be configured to execute as a two-task model or a single task model during compile time and the stack APIs are non-blocking in nature.

EtherMind enables customer to reduce market risk of integrating Bluetooth in the product while accelerating the development cycle. The large base of customers is testimony of the IP’s high quality, proven reliability, functionality and portability as per the adopted Bluetooth specifications.

Product Features:

  • Bluetooth SIG Qualified, Production Proven IP
  • Proven Interoperability
  • Low MIPS and Memory Footprint for Stack & Profiles
  • Platform and Operating Systems (OS) agnostic and is designed for Easy Portability
  • Proven on all popular 32 bit and 16 bit MCUs and a variety of OS
  • Non-Blocking Architecture
  • Compile time options for Feature Configuration

EtherMind Stack and Profiles - Block Diagram

EtherMind Stack and Profiles - Block Diagram

Bluetooth Smart Ready

Bluetooth Smart