End-to-end Trade Promotion Management Solutions

Today’s marketplace overflows with choices for the consumer. This causes a downward spiral in consumer loyalty. Manufacturers and retailers need to use various trade promotional tactics to stay ahead and retain consumers. Existing Trade Promotion Management (TPM) systems lack flexibility and the ability to fulfill differentiation requests from retailers. CPG enterprises are aware that half the promotions do not meet the intended objective. However, they are unable to attribute the failure to any specific reason.

We enable CPG organizations sell more by helping them take informed decisions while planning, managing and measuring trade promotion spends. Mindtree partners with global customers to implement end-to-end TPM solutions. Our solution helps CPG organizations to empower, optimize and collaborate across internal stakeholders and partner communities.

Trade Promotion Management Solutions

Empower: Help evaluate promotions and provide the sales force with insights to take critical decisions while on the move.

Optimize: The ability to simulate different vehicles of promotions within the given trade spend and suggest the best possible combination.

Collaborate: Have a unified marketing and trade promotion, calendar and help in working together with retailers.

Our Solutions

Mindtree offers three solutions in the TPM space that includes: mPromo mobile, mPromo SaaS, and mPromo-Analytics.

mPromo mobile

SAP Trade Promotion Management (TPM) application helps manage trade promotion operations more efficiently. It enables this by providing increased visibility into all related processes. Integrated with backend systems, the application provides accurate accounting of trade and financial results. This helps you gain insights to optimize trade activities, boost brand awareness and profits. We also offer mPromo Mobile, a very intuitive mobile solution, catering to the needs of the field force. This offers complete visibility of events to the retailer. It also helps them take informed decisions during discussions with the category manager.

Key benefits

  • Enables real time insight into promotion performance driving proactive analysis rather than rear-view reporting
  • Connects sales planning and execution across time horizons in one unified sales solution
  • Helps sales force and account managers to make an informed decision based on insight, while at the negotiation table

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mPromo SaaS

mPromo SaaS is Mindtree’s TPM solution built on the Microsoft Azure platform. It covers trade promotion management and reporting capabilities. The solution is based on best practices followed by industry peers and our customers. It encapsulates budgeting, promotion planning and evaluation, task management, workflows, claims settlement, ‘what-if’ analysis and trend reporting.

Key benefits

  • Maximum coverage of planning promotions for different trade formats and geographies
  • Automated claims management cuts down settlement time
  • SaaS based offering on an Opex model lowers TCO
  • Seamless integration with ERP / DMS speeds up time to market

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mPromo Analytics

Our analytical framework helps in data analysis, trend analysis and statistical modeling, enabling better decision making. Leveraging the skills of highly qualified statisticians, it facilitates gaining insights into trade promotion effectiveness, on a periodic basis. This enables organizations to do scenario-based analysis and understand the impact of cannibalization.

Key benefits

  • Provides predictive capabilities, enabling customers to invest in more profitable promotions
  • Facilitates account and brand analysis, to enable health check and profitability

Success stories

  • We delivered a customized TPM solution, for one of the largest global CPG companies. Evolving from merely controlling the promotional funds to joint business planning, it was a progressive journey towards TPM maturity
  • We reengineered promotion management process to remove inefficiencies, for one of our consumer health customers. This subsequently led to effective execution of promotions. The new process helped in significantly reducing the claim turnaround time. This resulted in reducing the distributor’s working capital






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