Composable Automated Platform for Enterprises

An Integrated Platform for Delivering Tomorrow’s Enterprise IT

Mindtree’s Composable Automated Platform for Enterprises (CAPE) makes adoption of industry-leading automation framework for enterprise IT easy, by enabling composable and low-code integration of key components of the IT lifecycle. CAPE integrates enterprise-wide toolchains that help in blurring the organizational silos and reduces the adoption curve of newer technologies for our customers while enabling “better quality delivered faster”.

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Get started in minutes and control your projects at lightening speed!

No software required, all you need is a browser
View real time insights to drive improvements
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  • Get real time visibility of unified metrics from multiple tools
  • Leverage automation investments across the enterprise
  • Bring standardization across the enterprise

Extend your IT lifecycle
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  • Entend IT lifecycle with automation and integration
  • Add or modify infrastructure, DevOps or automation components
  • Drive faster time-to-market and improve the quality of deliverables

Model an integrated IT lifecycle
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  • Set up and connect to portfolio toolchains, software components
  • Choose from a library of components with pre-built integrations
  • Provision these components on your choice of infrastructure


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Make the shift from Enterprise IT to Product IT

Drive optimal business outcomes and accelerate high-quality product delivery

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