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2014 Atlanta CIO Executive Leadership Summit

2014 Atlanta CIO Executive Leadership Summit

Mindtree will be at the 2014 Atlanta CIO Executive Leadership Summit. Our team will discuss best practices for getting your enterprise ready for a digital economy.

Winning the New Age Consumer

We look forward to meeting you and discussing how Mindtree is helping global firms build the technological frameworks and solutions that allow them to use data as the fuel source that drives profitable growth, through enhanced digital marketing, promotions and retail execution.

The Omni-Present Store

You have heard us maintain over and over that, despite doomsday warnings to the contrary, high street retail and brick-and-mortar stores are not dead or doomed. So it’s with great pleasure that we read new evidence in the form or two separate studies by Forrester and O2/Conlumino showing a bright future for physical stores.

Get Ready for Wearables in Your Enterprise

Are you ready for the next big thing in the workforce? Wearable devices such as Google Glass and camera watches will be increasingly adopted by your users to capture and transmit information. For enterprise IT managers who will soon be faced with this next invasion, it’s important to understand just how your employees can use these devices to improve their work lives. And which devices might fit the needs of your company.

Getting on top of the internet of things

When we think of IoT (the Internet of Things), addressing a myriad of security and privacy aspects first comes to mind. These are important issues no doubt, and have been promoted widely as was appropriate. But the real risk to businesses is to fail to devise the right strategy to get on top of this trend.