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Agile Alliance 2014

Agile Alliance 2014

Mindtree will be at Agile Alliance 2014. We look forward to discussing Agile principles and how to help companies adopt Agile to improve agility to meet business demands.

Learn more about how we help you with Agile at Visit our team at Booth #421.


Presenter: Dwight Kingdon
Format: 5-minute Lightning Talk with Slides
Title: “Agile – Principles Over Practice”
Brief: Agile is simple, but it’s not easy – we’ve all heard it before. If we step back and look at that statement, we find the root cause of many Agile failures –focus on the easy parts of Agile and not the hard parts. Agile isn’t just stand-ups and sprints. Successful adoption of Agile is more about the principles behind the Agile framework-changing how we interact, work and think.

Presenter: Greg Mummah
Format: 7-minute Pecha Kucha style presentation
Title: Four ingredients for an outstanding Agile environment
Abstract: The Agile framework provides the recipe for creating high-performance Agile teams. But the most successful, scalable Agile organizations are working from a master chef’s version of this recipe – one that includes ingredients you may not have thought about or may not be using properly. We’ll look at four key ingredients you can use to drive improvement in your organization’s Agile environment. Delicious Agile cookies will be served!

Presenter: Leesa Ross
Format: 5-minute Lightning Talk with Slides
Title: Enterprise Agile: Don’t leave out end to end testing when planning your agile transformation.
Abstract: Transitioning to an agile framework doesn’t mean that the end to end testing team should be dismantled. We will look at 3 common challenges in an enterprise development environment that make end to end testing necessary. I’ll cover how incorporating just a few changes into the agile transformation plan can renovate the independent testing team into a dynamic team that engages with agile teams through the development process.

Traits of software product engineering (SPE) ecosystems

Read more about the core principles behind SPE. The traits of SPE are very unique.
They can be easily related to the culture and evolution of communities and geographies that specialize in SPE.
Let us traverse through the traits of SPE through the five key aspects viz., Technology, Product, People, Process and Culture.

Agile in the Enterprise

Read more about Agile methods in this 3 post blog series.

  1. Six reasons for Enterprise Agile Adoption
  2. Three barriers to Enterprise Agile Adoption
  3. Bring business users and IT teams together

Raja Bhavani
Raja Bhavani,
Chief Architect, Mindtree

Scrum Documentation Best Practices
Documentation in an Agile environment has been a highly debated topic. One of the Agile principles states, "Simplicity – the art of maximizing the amount of work not done – is essential". But does this mean we shouldn't write documentation in Agile? Not at all. There are three key practices to effective Agile documentation.

Straight Talk on Adopting Agile

“Agile” is a hot topic these days in product development circles, but what does it really entail for your business? The Agile approach is simple in concept, but is not so easy to implement successfully. Which is usually why companies often fail at Agile – they do the easy parts without doing the hard parts.

Dwight Kingdon,
Principal Consultant/Agile Coach, Mindtree

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