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Agile India 2014

Agile India 2014

Mindtree is one among the track sponsors of ‘Offshore-Distributed Agile’ theme of Agile India 2014.

The success of distributed agile projects involving offshore teams depends on several factors: project type, volatility of requirements, distributed governance, skills and competency of team members and the culture of participating organizations. Those who have succeeded in distributed agile projects in the offshoring context agree on the symbiotic relationship between distributed agile and offshoring. Those who fail however, are curious to know exactly what practices help distributed projects succeed.

For more information read our white paper ‘ Distributed agile and offshoring – antagonism or symbiosis?

Raja Bavani will be speaking at this conference on 27th Feb on 'Distrubuted Agile: Ten Guiding Principle'. Raja Bavani is the Chief Architect of Mindtree and plays the role of Agile Evangelist.

We welcome you to attend this conference!

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