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Agile India - International Conference on Agile and Lean Software Methods

Agile Assessment Simplified!

Are you working with agile teams? Is your agile methodology helping you optimize process overheads? Or is it your way of following ad-hoc processes?

In fact, agile projects mature over a period of time. While executing agile projects, it is important to assess where you are in the journey of moving up from one maturity level to the other. For this, you need an agile maturity model - a simple model but not a process overhead or a complex framework. Or you need a simple tool that helps you assess your current status in the journey.

This is exactly what MindTree Agile Maturity Model (MAMM) does! MAMM provides you a systematic approach to assess agility in projects.

Key benefits of MindTree Agile Maturity Model

  • Tool based model, not just a framework
  • No process overheads
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Can be customized to suit your needs