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Annual Innovation and Transformation Congress

Annual Innovation and Transformation Congress

Mindtree is sponsoring Annual Innovation and Transformation Congress in the Netherlands on 18 Sep 2014 hosted by ICT media. Theme for this year’s event is Wave of Digital Innovation. This event is attended by major enterprises with distinguished industry speakers from companies such as BCG, Forrester, FloraHolland, ING etc.

Full Agenda:

Theme of the event : Wave of Digital Innovation

Never before the IT had such a great influence on society, economy and the business and operations of large companies and organizations. Digital transformation of your own products and services is seen as a crucial means to either increase the support of a discerning consumer or to tap new markets with technology. However that new technology can only be achieved in organizations with an innovative culture. It requires new forms of cooperation between business and IT, providing new energy and direction for one common goal; an innovative solution that better serves the end customer!
In governmentsand corporate structures IT is becoming less top-down driven, but rather a development that is driven from the bottom up like: young people, start-ups, critical consumers and entrepreneurs in the workplace. Even large companies and their IT managers embrace this trend gratefully. They are ‘surfing’ on the new wave of innovation. Real precursors, such as Philips, ABN Amro, Heineken, but also names like Uber, Knab, Tinker and Snappcar, drive this IT- movement ! However, on the other side of the playing field, this leads to the necessary victims: non-digitally transformed businesses are literally flooded by a ground swell of renewal. Theywill often submerge and go bankrupt. We can all name many examples.

More then ever, theAnnual Conference on Innovation & Transformation, will be a stage of hip, disruptive and non-corporate forms of IT-based innovation. The plenary part of this edition will inspire with short, informal presentations and elevator pitches from young, dynamic innovators. Then, of course, the translation will be made ​​to the (big) business environment and government, both plenary and in a breakout program. During the event we will also organized a private master class: "Innovation and transformation , this is how it’s done!!" During this highly interactive session CIOs and IT managers get practical tools for creating and perpetuating an innovative and change mindset in their own organization . The Annual Conference on Innovation & Transformation in 2014, because it’s a must - and because its fun! The wave of innovation is coming! Be ready.

Roundtable Brief:

Technology does not disrupt Business. Technology allows changes that fundamentally changes how people buy from you. It changes the role you play (or can play) in fulfilling the customer need. It is not an event but a process usually unfolds over a period and it begins at either end: high profile changes (e.g. Apple and Google eating into Nokia’s business). Low profile changes, which, start targeting your least profitable customers (e.g. low-cost airlines targeting young leisure traveller). A large part of Digital Initiatives look at Sustenance i.e. delivering existing services cheaper, faster and (sometimes) better (e.g. ATM, Online Banking). However, True disruption occurs when addressing the customer Need better, faster and maybe, cheaper.

Join Mindtree where Anshuman (Head of Digital and Consulting Group, Europe) talks about on our experience of working with Fortune 500 companies and how,

  • New intermediaries disrupt by focussing on the new measure of value: convenience
  • Customer experience is becoming the new measure of performance
  • Technology takes away the intermediary

And how the best place to learn would be to look outside your industry.

Speaker: Anshuman Singh

Anshuman is the Head of Digital Business and Consulting Group (Europe) at Mindtree. He works with clients across industries to cross-pollinate concepts and help businesses succeed in their digital transformation initiatives. Digital Business is a focus area for Mindtree since 1999. We have helped companies in their transformation initiatives via meaningful technology solutions esp. in the areas of Digital Marketing and Digital Commerce. We look forward to meet and discuss on how companies are using Digital as means of finding new revenue streams and keeping the current customers happy