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Architecture Conclave 2014

Architecture Conclave 2014

Architecture Conclave at Mindtree is a platform for Architects to come together and discuss trends in technology, application in varied domains and interesting solution patterns that are emerging.

Theme of Conclave 2014 – Industry 2020 and Architecture 2020

We are at the cusp of major technology transition - core technology advances as well as technology innovation driven by larger market forces. What is relevant and optimal today will be obsolete by 2020 and industries are already preparing towards it. The focus of Architecture Conclave 2014 is ‘Year 2020’!

Industry 2020

Day 1 of Architecture Conclave will focus on 3-5 year view of industry specific transformations like Airline, Retail, CPG, and Banking.

Industry thought leaders from among Mindtree's customers.

Architecture 2020

Day 2 of the Architecture Conclave will focus on sharing Architecture and Technology that will address Industry needs of year 2020

Mindtree Architects

Additional details
Date: 30th and 31st October 2014
Venue: Bangalore