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Bluetooth Asia Event

Bluetooth Asia Event

Mindtree Speaking Session at Bluetooth Asia Conference -

Jayant Krishna, GM, Short Range Wireless Technology

IPv6 and Mesh on Bluetooth Smart – Perfect Pair for the IoT world

jayanth krishna

This presentation will cover the following key considerations:

  1. Architecture and application for IPv6 and Mesh for BLE networking
  2. Business and technical considerations in choosing between IPv6 and Mesh
  3. Use cases which could lead to co-existence and/or convergence of IPv6 and Mesh

Experience Mindtree’s cutting-edge IoT demos

IPv6 over 6LoBTLE: Showcases Mindtree’s comprehensive solution for enabling Sensor-to-Cloud connectivity. The demonstration consists of Mindtree’s Bluetooth Smart Solutions and IPv6 stack interoperating with a standard Linux gateway to upload sensor information to a cloud platform. This solution is applicable across various market segments including Smart Premises, Connected Cars, Industrial infrastructure etc.

Smart Mesh over BTLE: Showcases Mindtree’s capability to enable bidirectional communication between multiple BLE enabled nodes connected over a mesh network. This demo is implemented on Bluetooth Smart solutions from both Mindtree and other silicon providers, proving its interoperability. This solution can be used in a variety of market segments like Smart Homes, Smart Lighting for industries, Smart infrastructure etc

To schedule a meeting at Bluetooth Asia or to learn more about Mindtree’s Bluetooth capabilities, email us at

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