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Bluetooth World Event

Bluetooth World Event

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) in partnership with Informa Telecoms & Media, is proud to present Bluetooth World 2015. Last year’s event series gave exclusive insights on the future
of Bluetooth technology to a record number of industry experts and Bluetooth® product innovators. Bluetooth World 2015 will bring over 700+ Attendees, 90+ Speakers, 40+ Exhibitors and over 18 Hours of Networking!

Mindtree Thought leadership session at Bluetooth Conference:

Mindtree Bluetooth Thought leader Mr. Jayanth Krishna would be delivering a session on :

Bluetooth Smart Sensor Networks over IPv6: Powering the IoT Market

jayanth krishna

This presentation will cover the key business and technical considerations for use of Bluetooth Smart in sensor networks targeted at the IoT Market. Covering the following highlights, it aims to provide a directional view of what could be the sweet spot in this space.

  1. Characteristics of Bluetooth Smart Sensor Networks.
  2. The Economics’ and Engineering Challenges.
  3. The way forward in creating a cost effective solution.

Mindtree end to end IOT showcase booth:

We are excited to share our perspective on IoT and we will demonstrate end to end IoT setup from a senor node to cloud platform integration using its intellectual property offerings for Bluetooth Smart Controller, Stack and profiles, 6LoBTLE and IPv6 stack.

Please come to the sessions, and stop by to see us on the floor - we're at Stand 7.

Please email us at ( and do let us know if you would like to meet with Mr. Jayanth, and we can arrange this for you. If these dates are not convenient we would be very happy to arrange a meeting, or a call, at a more suitable time.

First company to qualify for Bluetooth Smart v4.2

IT Portfolio

Mindtree in IoT:

Internet of Things

Mindtree has offers “Chip 2 Cloud” offerings for the IoT market. This ranges from embedded & VLSI engineering services for sensor nodes and gateways, cloud and communication infrastructure services, data analytics and enterprise application integration. With these offerings Mindtree brings end to end harmonization of systems which enable our customers to drive up the revenues and save costs. Mindtree addresses a variety of segments for the IoT market which include Smart Premises, Connected Cars, Industrial, Transportation and Retail. Mindtree has worked with several customers on advanced proof of concepts and actual enterprise systems in this segment and will continue to invest into this growing market segment.