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Celent’s 2016 Innovation and Insight Day

Celent’s 2016 Innovation and Insight Day

This is an exciting time for the Financial Services Industry. Just as the ideas implemented by Alexander Hamilton once revolutionized the world of finance, we find ourselves at a similar crossroads of change. 240 years ago, it was the institutions, policies, and practices that Hamilton put in place that transformed the industry and served as catalysts that drove the expansion of the global economy. Today, it is the changes that are stemming from the adoption of game changing technologies that are fundamentally altering the landscape of the industry. But how can you determine which technologies are viable and which ones are a mere flash in the pan?

Join us to hear firsthand from the firms that are driving innovation in our space. We will be featuring a number of case studies, panel discussions, and in-depth topic dives in areas surrounding innovation and focusing on the following themes:

  • Data Mastery and Analytics
  • Digital and Omnichannel
  • Innovation and Emerging Technologies
  • Legacy and Ecosystem Transformation
  • Non-core implementation best practices
  • Payments
  • Security, Fraud, and Risk Management

Learn how you can benefit from those that have taken these initial steps. Find out what has worked, what hasn’t, and where we think things are going from here.

The event also serves as a showcase for the winners of Celent's annual Model Bank Awards and the Model Insurer Awards.