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CIO Day 2014: Make or Break!

Mindtree is sponsoring CIO Day and will host an exclusive roundtable on Digital Transformation on 25 Nov 2014. Theme for this year’s event is Make or Break.

Theme of the event: Make or Break

Roundtable Brief:

Technology doesn’t disrupt Business: A Customers’ and a consumers’ perspective

Technology doesn’t disrupt Business. Technology allows changes that fundamentally change how people buy from you (or stop). It changes the role you play (or can play) in fulfilling the core customer need. Most Digital Initiatives look at Sustenance i.e. delivering existing Services cheaper, faster and occasionally better. However, True disruption occurs when you can address the Customer Need better, faster and maybe, cheaper. This is true both for CxOs & Businesses alike.

Customer’s perspective:
Listen to Nektarios Misios, Global Marketing Manager (Digital) at Royal Friesland Campina on how they addressed the core needs of the expectant & young mothers in Mexico and, how it led to success of their initiative. He will talk about on his expectations from Technology as a Marketer and, how agility plays a big role.

Consumer’s perspective:
We will share our experiences in working with Fortune 500 companies and discuss how Digital is:

  • Making Customer Experience the new measure of performance
  • Eliminating the existing intermediaries
  • Create new intermediaries disrupt via a new measure of value, convenience

And how the best place to start looking, is outside your industry.

Guest Speaker: Nektarios Misios

Nektarios Misios
Nektarios Misios is the Global Marketing Manager (Digital) at Royal Friesland Campina. With more than 10 years of global experience in Marketing he started his career in Loreal and moved to dairy industry. He has been working with Friesland Campina for more than six years now. Has strong focus on creating value for consumers worldwide by building winning brand experience and have worked in Greece, Vietnam, Holland, Mexico markets . Currently the big focus is on Re-inventing marketing, Digital Transformation and build capabilities for Friesland Campina brands and marketers globally to succeed in the new digital world. He is a strong believer of Phygital - integration of Physical world and digital world.

Anshuman Singh, Head – Digital Business & Consulting Group (Europe) at Mindtree

Mindtree Speaker: Anshuman Singh
Anshuman is the Head of Digital Business and Consulting Group (Europe) at Mindtree. He works with clients across industries to cross-pollinate concepts and help businesses succeed in their digital transformation initiatives. Digital Business is a focus area for Mindtree since 1999. We have helped companies in their transformation initiatives via meaningful technology solutions esp. in the areas of Digital Marketing and Digital Commerce. We look forward to meet and discuss on how companies are using Digital as means of finding new revenue streams and keeping the current customers happy

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