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Now IT is at the core of many business processes, CIOs are in an excellent position to take the control of the desired changes and to formulate a response to the digital disruption. That requires faith. Faith in new technological opportunities, faith in the power to change the organization, not to mention self-belief. 'Believe in Technology - Believe iT (or not).

CIODAY 2015 again takes up the interplay between technology, economy and society. Not only viewed from a top-down perspective, from the boards of directors and non-executive boards, as well as bottom-up trend. Consumers and end users of IT influence indeed organizations, such influence individuals. The CIO plays his or her role in the very center of this new context.

The modern IT director thereby goes out of his own strength and transforms from a primarily operational manager for a major business innovator. Because it can, because it's fun, and because no one else in the organization here without their help is capable.

This requires not only the necessary substantive expertise in new technological fields, such as robotics, artificial intelligence, sensor technology and connectivity. It also requires a good interaction with fellow drivers in the area of ​​marketing, logistics and operations. During CIODAY 2015 we explore these tensions. By giving insight into new trends and developments and an open discussion with fellow executives.

The CDI shall have brought the tide. After years of back (and up) watch, look for connection with the business and other directors and deliberate maneuver between all the hype, the CIO can now set itself the lines. He or she is still looking more attentively to the dynamics of smaller companies and start-ups, which in fast and agile way to translate the spirit of innovative products and services, particularly in the consumer market. But the roadmaps of suppliers are important to select on the basis of the optimum partner ecosystem. Not IT solutions themselves are central, but what these solutions can contribute to the process, functionality, business and operating model.

CIODAY 2015 offers top executives insight into all relevant developments, offers inspiration and provides a platform for thinkers, doers and partners that matter. In addition, the event also provides administrators the tools to embrace technological opportunities, seize opportunities, to change corporate cultures, and obviously the leap to digital format.
For every leader who believes in technology: CIODAY 2015 - Believe iT (or not)!