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Confluence 2014

Confluence 2014

Possibilities for a connected world

In today's digitally connected world, engineering organizations must innovate rapidly to meet customer needs.

Mindtree is collaborating with Zinnov to drive innovation, thought leadership and insights into a roadmap for an exceptional product engineering ecosystem.

Mindtree named in the leader quadrant by Zinnov

R&D continues to be an important driver of product development organizations. Over $560 billion was spent in 2013 for R&D.

Mindtree was rated overall in the top quadrant by Zinnov, The study titled "Global Service Providers Ratings 2013", is an annual study undertaken by Zinnov to assist business leaders in spearheading global engineering initiatives and enable them make right decisions in partner selection across geographies.

zinnov top quadrant

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Keynote Panel: Top Gear: Driving Global Engineering Excellence

Does Globalization of Engineering still relevant in the changing world? What does excellence stand for in the era of better, faster and smaller engineering? What are some of the key metrics that one should look at to measure excellence? How should leadership leverage diverse global centers, towards achieving the common goal of building sustainable and industry leading products with same level of quality and agility?

Mindtree’s Ramesh Menon, SVP & Head of Hi-Tech, will be on the panel along with senior leaders from CA, GE and eBay to discuss the nuances of what it takes an organization to drive global engineering excellence while ensuring they stay relevant and are able to adapt quickly to the continually changing environment.

Panel: No Free Lunch: Pay for engineering Outcomes - Building innovative Engineering Partnerships

There has been a sharp rise in the number of outsourcing engagements delivered on an outcome based model. Especially with the ever increasing maturity of service providers from a delivery and engineering standpoint, it is no longer wise to continue to pay on the basis of time and effort. It would be interesting for the buyers to note that even the service providers are extremely keen on getting on to an outcome based model, as it gives them a higher degree of ownership and visibility into their customer’s product roadmap. For the buyer, there is a real possibility of shifting some of the engineering and business risk on to the partner.

This panel will feature Kamran Ozair, Executive Vice President, Mindtree and provide a broad framework for selecting a typical outcome based model, the nuances involved in transitioning from a fixed price / T&M model to an outcome based model.

Santa Clara, CA,

March 4th-5th, 2014