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Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit 2015

Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit 2015

The 12th annual Consumer Goods Sales and Marketing Summit will bring sales, marketing, and IT thought leaders together to explore strategies for making impactful consumer connections.

Mindtree is a Session sponsor of the of Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit 2015. This annual summit is themed around strategies that begin and end with the consumer.

Mindtree will showcase how it is helping leading global CPGs build the technological frameworks and solutions that allow them to use data as the fuel source that drives profitable growth, through enhanced digital marketing, promotions and retail execution. Read more about Mindtree's Value proposition for Winning the New Age Consumer.

Thought leadership session:

Riding the Market Shifts in the Front Office
Tuesday, June 2, 2015, 4:25 to 5:10pm
Speaker: Debjyoti Paul, AVP – Digital Business, Mindtree

Session Description:

In this session, Mindtree executives will share case studies around the front end of the value chain, focusing on customer and consumer facing initiatives that leverage data and analytics to drive success. By blurring the lines between physical and digital worlds, companies have been able to find success across varied disciplines, including trade, retail execution, consumer engagement, marketing and consumer insights. However, the Digital journey has many confusing, and often conflicting priorities and buzzwords. How do you prioritize and structure your initiatives in this environment? Mindtree will share an approach that will simplify the landscape and provide insights on where to uncover value.

Executive Workshop - Book the Perfect Order in Every Store, Every Time.

Wednesday, June 3 2015, 11:45-12:15pm

Take the guesswork out of selling and let the power of big data transform your sales force into an efficient, hyper-productive profit engine. Intelligent algorithms that quickly crunch data and recommend “next best action” are already being widely used by retailers, who want to present consumers with “personalized” content that appeals uniquely to them as individuals. Now is the time for CG companies to have the same technology at their fingertips: a next-generation analytics tool that personalizes and recommends just-right assortments for individual stores in real-time, and predicts stock gaps before they happen. We will show how sales people can instantly view automated assortment recommendations—customized for each unique store—that predict what to sell, how much to sell, and when to sell, or where cross-sell and up-sell opportunities exist. The data driving these recommendations is both internal (sales and marketing data) and external (store audits, market shares, demographics, etc.). It’s a new paradigm that will transform your ability to sell-in wider and deeper assortments with better on-shelf availability.

Workshop Leader:

Debjyoti Paul

Debjyoti Paul (Paul),

AVP and Head of Industry Solution, Digital Business Group, Mindtree