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FST Summit

FST Summit

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Mindtree is a Gold sponsor for the FST Summit.

Leveraging our rich and diverse experience in commercial & consumer banking - including payments and capital markets - we will discuss best-in-class solutions and practices for key business challenges in Digital, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Analytics and Business Process Automation.

Creating an Omni Channel customer experience is an important business challenge today which is not just about websites and mobile capabilities. Providing such a seamless experience to customers requires technology, content data, business processes and customer oriented product portfolio integration & innovation. It's a business transformation journey where both internal as well as external stakeholders must be integrated with context & relevance. Mindtree's consulting led, discovery based agile approach to digital transformation initiatives helps organizations create a roadmap for the end state even as quick win initiatives are executed.

omni channel customer engagement roadmap

The FST Summit US brings together senior decision makers and business leaders from across the United States.

As part of the summit, Mindtree will host a workshop and two webinars.

Workshop: Next generation Mobile Banking – Trends that every Bank should be implementing

Advances in technology will continue to change the financial services industry. Customer expectations will continue to increase, as their phone becomes their wallet. Financial Institutions must proactively prepare for the increased demands on communication and data requests. From predictive customer communications to driving new product and service development, today’s financial institutions must be leveraging “Mobile First Solutions” when planning their future growth.

While mobile technology can dramatically increase organizational growth, it brings with it new threats and regulatory issues involving security, data privacy, and data collection transparency. Join Mindtree to bring the future of Mobile Banking into focus so you can be ahead of the curve and avoid the bumps in the road.

Webinar: Multi-channel service orchestration to drive business agility

As banks and financial institutions expand their customer engagement ecosystem, there are several significant opportunities to improve customer service, improve process transparency, reduce costs and comply with regulatory needs such as BASEL III norms.

multi channel service orchestration

In this webinar, Cecile Poyet, Industry Solutions Expert from IBM, and Shobhit Mathur, Head of Banking CoE at Mindtree will discuss key imperatives and solutions on how mobile & business process management comes together to provide an agile framework for business decision making and customer satisfaction.

We will also use a solution based case study to illustrate the concepts:

  1. Optimizing key business processes
  2. Automating processing to improve efficiency, transparency and agility in decision making
  3. Ensuring data efficiencies to meet current and future compliance and regulatory reporting needs

Webinar: Creating a roadmap for Omni Channel Customer Engagement

Over the years, digital channels have evolved & so has consumer behavior. Today's customers expect consistent experience & value across channels.

digital transformation roadmap

It is imperative for banks to align both physical and virtual touch points in a seamless fabric of customer engagement driven by context, personalization and relevance.

Join our panel as they present concepts and case studies to achieve the following:

  • What are some imperatives for Omni Channel experience?
  • What are the challenges on hand to create & sustain Omni Channel experience?
  • How should technology leaders initiate their journey towards Omni Channel experience?
  • How to navigate the thin line between customer privacy and customer experience?