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Hostingcon 2012

Hosting Conference

The hosting industry is moving from providing only infrastructure for hosting company websites to also providing raw compute to customers. The term used to describe the raw compute is Virtual Private Servers or VPS. Amazon EC2 is a good reference for these vendors. In India, the VPS market is still beginning to take off and VMUnify is well placed to meet the aspiration of the hosters to become the next Amazon EC2.Some of the challenges that hosting industry faces are:

  1. Need to support multiple hypervisor platforms
  2. Differentiating their offerings
  3. Integration with Billing Gateways

MindTree’s VMUnify is a perfect product for hosters who are expanding to providing IaaS services. The vision of VMUnify is to help organizations deliver Trusted Virtual Data Centers and Unified Cloud Environments. With VMUnify, we provide a solution that is vendor agnostic, helps create a Secure Multi-tenant environment, integrates with popular billing platforms and is also customizable to suite individual hosting requirements.