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Mindtree will be at Knowledge14 to demonstrate innovations and solutions created to drive next generation Infrastructure Management and IT Service Delivery.

Transformation through end-to-end IT service management
Optimal performance for business technology environments can only be enabled by an infrastructure management solution that enables a holistic view of infrastructure and applications as a single, seamless entity.

  • Auto Diagnostics, Auto Remediation, Auto fulfillment of Service Requests leading to faster response and resolution times
  • Shift left automation
  • Proactive monitoring
  • RapiDeploy implementations
  • SMART transition & application management

infrastructure management solution

Do more with less while enhancing customer experience.
Mindtree’s e2e ITSM solution addresses the ever increasing demand for enhanced customer experience and at lower cost. The myth ‘cost reduction is always linear’ has been disproved by Mindtree’s e2e ITSM solution.
Visit us to explore, how the operational costs can be significantly reduced and how the cost reduction can be non-linear.

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  • Read about ‘Managed Services for IT Operations’, the real business drivers, the key factors to be considered, the types of managed service solutions, and a process for long-­-term success.
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  • Traditionally IT Infrastructure management has focused on assuring business up-time of the IT Infrastructure. Changing dynamics of business, where it is trying to keep PACE with the market, has increased focus on Business service availability. Read more about infrastructure management is a powerful and exciting driver of business transformation.
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  • One of the advantages of the cloud is that it replaces Capex with an Opex model. There are also three types of clouds that are popular – private, public and hybrid. So which type of cloud has undergone the model replacement? With the public cloud, the service provider is the one who is making the Capex so that his or her users can buy in an Opex model or pay as you go model.
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