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Mindtree at 8th CIO & IT Manager Summit

8th CIO & IT Manager Summit

Session Topic: Technology doesn't disrupt business

Session Summary: Technology doesn’t disrupt Business. Technology allows changes that fundamentally change how people buy from you (or stop buying). It changes the role you play (or can play) in fulfilling the core customer need. Most Digital Initiatives look at Sustenance i.e. delivering existing Services cheaper, faster and occasionally better. However, true disruption occurs when you address the core Customer Need better, faster and maybe, cheaper.

We will share our experiences in working with Fortune 500 companies and discuss how Digital is:
  • Making Customer Experience the new measure of performance
  • Eliminating the existing intermediaries
  • Create new intermediaries that disrupt via a new measure of value, convenience


Anshuman Singh
Anshuman Singh

General Manager & European Head of the Digital Business & Consulting Group at Mindtree.