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MindTree at Hotel Technology Forum

Cloud Based Solution Aggregation Framework for the Hospitality Industry

MindTree is a Platinum and Cocktail Reception Sponsor of the upcoming Hotel Technology Forum scheduled from April 18 – 20, 2012 in Las Vegas.

In the quest to provide leading edge applications amidst changing business environment, organizations have to be agile to bring innovation and effective execution. Constant system replacement is a burden on the financial resources and against the principle of agility. Instead, one needs to re-invent and re-engineer the system to adapt to the constant change in the external parameters and continue to scale. Therefore an organization needs to innovatively build solutions that will retain the core business’ profitability as well as devise new revenue streams. Innovation will ensure the switchover in the most efficient manner.

MindTree’s Solution Aggregation Framework (SAFE) delivers hotel solutions in a flexible and elastic environment. Our application frameworks, based on cloud delivery, support a wide variety of corporate and hotel property operations and can be tailored as per geographic, consumer and/or owner-operator characteristics. MindTree’s solutions are rapidly aggregated into our cloud framework and published to a solution catalogue to address security, financial, and business application needs that support growth and profitability. Finally, SAFE solutions are administrator published and are enables with single sign-on with consolidated billing and reporting.

Innovation alone will not suffice to drive profitability, the key lies in execution. The best methodologies to execute the strategy and implement the solution will affirm the relevance of innovation and its efficiency. An effective execution includes factors such as time-to-market, smooth transition to new solutions, and assurance of solution-scalability as well as enterprise security.

Meet us at the Hotel Technology Forum to discover how we can help you be Innovative using our Cloud based Solution Aggregation Framework (SAFE) for the Hotel industry.

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