At Mindtree, we apply the concepts of the leadership model when nurturing those qualities across a real-world leader life cycle:

Leadership onboarding

To ensure that we choose the right leaders and set them up for success, Mindtree makes hires based on expertise for a role, competencies from our leadership model and leadership behaviors.

Leadership homing and cultural immersion

Integrating new leaders and transitioning existing ones is a shared responsibility at Mindtree. For example, a leader’s new team, manager and peers help provide a personalized onboarding experience to connect with that leader. Individuals can also join the leadership homing program, which was designed to engage Mindtree Minds and reinforce their connection to each other and to the organization. New Mindtree Minds get perspective from core stakeholders, the top management team, and senior leaders on culture, the importance of integrity, and the values and experiences that have shaped the company and will impact its future.

Leadership assessments

Throughout their leadership journey, Mindtree Minds receive developmental feedback ranging from annual performance reviews and 360-degree assessments to leadership evaluations, talent reviews, customer experience surveys and people experience surveys. They get regular feedback not only on their role-specific performance and skills, but also on any knowledge and development gaps. This approach is meant to strengthen self-awareness.

Our leadership ecosystem