Final Possibilities April 2015
Paul Gottsegen
Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer
At Mindtree, we have a simple yet powerful mission statement - it goes like this - "We engineer meaningful technology solutions to help businesses and societies flourish". You will see this shine through as we give you our latest thinking on how you can harness the power of digital transformation, hybrid cloud and wearables to drive growth, combined with a broadcast TV spotlight on our technology-based efforts that are solving some of the core waste problems for large cities like Bangalore.
As shoppers go digital, data becomes everything
Today's global shoppers expect a seamless, connected, personalized experience. Meeting this expectation requires complex connections between channels, devices and vendors up and down the supply chain. But the efforts in integration pay off when the connections build deeper, more effective customer relationships. The key is in the kind of data you collect and how you use it.

Soumendra Mohanty, Vice President, Global Data and Analytics at Mindtree, gives key insights into the value of data digitization in the connected user experience.
1) Think big, 2) start small, 3) move fast: the secrets of digital transformation
Are you standing on the threshold of your company's digital innovation journey? Well, be sure to look before you leap. Online magazine, The Hindu Business Line, asked Krishnakumar Natarajan (KK), CEO & Managing Director, Mindtree, to share the company's experience on digital transformation.

Learn what KK has to say about three critical aspects that companies overlook when embarking on their digital initiatives.
Policy Administration System (PAS) packages: Do they work right out of the box?
Modernizing core insurance processes makes good business sense, and there are some great offerings out there, like Accenture Duck Creek. But even the best of PAS packages require some customization.

Learn how to pull the most value from your process automation investment.
Does distributed data management architecture trump enterprise data warehousing?
As data sources proliferate, how do you pull together what your executives need to make sense of your company's business operations? Enterprise data warehousing can only provide so much. This Tech Target article explains how a distributed data management architecture creates a unified systems-wide view for comprehensive information delivery, analysis and reporting.
When an idea is powered by thousands of minds, possible is just the beginning.
Some believe in the power of numbers. Some believe in the power of technology. We believe in the power of people. And the impact people can have on technology. Our roots grew from this belief that people with diverse points of view could come together to build a different kind of technology company. One that puts people who work with us, first. And this belief drives our vision for tomorrow to build technology experts who are focused on one goal: helping our clients succeed.

Today, a wealth of information is opening up a world of possibilities. Realizing those possibilities takes more than numbers. It takes more than technology. It takes people. See how we're helping our clients in key industries achieve new possibilities.
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Osmosis 2015 - where geeks go for glory!
For the past 11 years, Osmosis has been the event for Mindtree Minds to showcase their technical achievements. This year, at Osmosis 2015, we upped our game by not just engaging Mindtree Minds, but by connecting with the greater geek ecosystem that we are a proud part of.

In contests like the Digital Hackathon, worthy global competitors virtually battled to overcome unique business problems of our clients. Over 300 transformational ideas were generated, ultimately 6 were deemed the coolest of the cool apps!
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Mindtree prepares young engineers for real-world business demands
Consider it a finishing school for engineering graduates. While they may have learned the technical fundamentals, many graduates aren't given the opportunity in school to acquire key 21st-century skills such as taking responsibility, making decisions and solving problems in a team environment.

The Mindtree Global Learning Center (GLC) in Kalinga was created to fill that gap. The 90-day residential program brings together hundreds of potential Mindtree Minds and provides them a stress-free, nurturing environment. Here they have the chance to apply the academic theories, frameworks and knowledge they've learned towards designing real-world products and services.
Mindtree revenues outpace the market with 16% Y/Y growth in FY15
The latest consolidated financial numbers prove once again that we are among the fastest growing global technology firms. We experienced big gains in revenues, profits, customers and employees in the past year, continuing our growth trend. Once more, our customer satisfaction levels are at a record three-year high. We thank our partners and dedicated Mindtree Minds for their continuing efforts to deliver best-in-class services to our valued clients.
Digital technologies are Mindtree's growth engine
New Mindtree initiatives and organization changes are helping the company prepare for emerging market challenges. In an interview with online magazine, The Hindu Business Line, CEO Krishnakumar Natarajan explains how digital technologies will power the company's growth for the next three to four years.
Fast Company highlights Mindtree's innovative cloud-based method of making urban areas in India more waste-free: I Got Garbage
The project teamed Mindtree Minds with Bangalore rag pickers to create a sustainable waste management program supported by Mindtree's cloud-based IT platform. I Got Garbage (IGG) diverts hundreds of tons of compostable and recyclable waste from the city's landfill while raising the standard of living for hundreds of the city's poorest citizens.

New York-based journalist, Ben Schiller, in Fast Company's online magazine co.Exist, brings the inspiring IGG project to life with pictures, videos and great writing.
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