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Paul Gottsegen
Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer
As summer begins to come to a close, hopefully you will have one last chance to catch some waves at the seashore. The Digital wave is hitting us from many directions. Whether its SAP HANA S/4 transitions, how banking is transforming, creating an effective data lake or testing strategy for a digital world - our experts give you their opinion on how to surf the waters. We're also quite excited about being in Forbes' just announced 'Super 50'. Check it out.
Do you know what makes an extraordinary company? Forbes does.
Last week, Forbes magazine published their first ever list of the most innovative and impressive firms in India. They call it the Super 50. Forbes chose a trio of quantitative measures over the course of the last three years as an approach to deciphering which companies have delivered sustained overall performance. Forbes believed these benchmarks ensured that only companies exhibiting continuous innovation against all odds made the cut.

Guess what? Mindtree is listed side by side with the likes of Pfizer, Unilever, TCS, P&G and other global brands. We not only made the list, but we are in the top tier of the three key criteria including shareholder returns, sales growth and return on equity.
Mindtree named in top 10 outsourcing service providers in USA and EMEA by information services group
Mindtree was among the leading providers in the Breakthrough 10 category for both the U.S. and EMEA based on annual contract value won over the last 12 months, according to the Information Services Group (ISG) Global Outsourcing IndexTM.

"Mindtree continues to establish itself as a leading and growing player in the global market for technology services," said Paul Reynolds, chief research officer of ISG. "This is the second consecutive time Mindtree has been featured in one of our top provider lists in 2015."
Mindtree joins AUTOSAR to enhance active safety and support original equipment manufacturers
At Mindtree, we're continually looking for ways to improve automobile safety while expanding infotainment capabilities. So Mindtree joined the Automotive Open Systems Architecture (AUTOSAR) Associate partnership in February 2015 to fulfill our commitment of harmonizing infotainment with Active Safety and smart car technology.
SAP S/4 HANA - Building blocks for the future normal
SAP S/4 HANA is here. It's now. It's cloud ready, HANA powered, and has an awesome user experience in the form of SAP Fiori. To successfully understand and embrace the future normal of SAP, it's important to ensure that understanding is built upon firm foundations.

DJ Adams, Consultant, writes about what this means for you in the context of SAP Fiori and more specifically in the context of S/4 HANA, the future normal.
Today's connected world requires new testing strategies
An expanding number of mobile devices and smart appliances, media channels, developmental environments, and business applications must be designed to connect seamlessly and work successfully within the Internet of Things. That means testing new products is more complex than ever in this connected world.

Manas Chakraborty, Global Head of testing services, Mindtree believes that companies need clearly defined target operating models to organize quality assurance and testing into a hybrid team.
3 big trends in banking that will have a positive impact on your business
It's well known that the banking industry is undergoing some profound changes due to the impact of digital disruption. After participating in the Future of Digital Banking event recently held in London, we've uncovered three trends in banking that you should be aware of.

Learn what Anil Gandharve, Sales Head Europe, Mindtree says you should be thinking about to become the next-generation digital bank.
Announcing the finalists for digital engagement awards
It hardly seems possible that the annual IGD Awards are just around the corner again. Our finalists for the Digital Engagement Award are chosen (see who's on short list this year) and each is preparing to make the case that their campaign is the best.

See what Anshuman Singh, General Manager and Head, Digital Business Europe, says about the key themes in the companies who've submitted their work and what's hot in digital marketing.
The Modern Retail Customer, Part 3 - The future of customer service-for you and your customers
In our omnichannel environment, retailers that win on customer service are the ones that earn loyalty, reduce churn and get a greater share of the customer's lifetime value.

Come along with Bappaditya Banerjee, Program Director, Digital Business, and gaze into his crystal ball to find out about the future of the retail customer experience today.
The convenience of a data lake and the chaos within
In today's data rich society, we are presented with the luxury of storing all data, both old and new, into a data repository and going with the flow. Up until recent years, the process of storing and sorting data was limited to following the extract, transform, load design philosophy, which lead to transforming and summarizing diverse data sets in order to populate data marts and data warehouses.

Learn more as Soumendra Mohanty, Senior VP, Global Data and Analytics at Mindtree, looks into the latest method of a data repository.
How to engage your financial services customers - Part 1: Build intimacy into the customer experience
The world of business is shifting from a traditional digital approach to an omnichannel model. Financial services organizations are following suit to maintain sales growth, increase customer loyalty, and boost efficiency-just a few of the rewards of going omnichannel.

Nagaraj Modur, Principal Consultant, Capital Markets Center of Excellence explains how you can get closer to your customers through an integrated customer experience across channels.
About Mindtree:
Mindtree [NSE: MINDTREE] delivers digital transformation and technology services from ideation to execution, enabling Global 2000 clients to outperform the competition. “Born digital,” Mindtree takes an agile, collaborative approach to creating customized solutions across the digital value chain. At the same time, our deep expertise in infrastructure and applications management helps optimize your IT into a strategic asset. Whether you need to differentiate your company, reinvent business functions or accelerate revenue growth, we can get you there. Visit www.mindtree.com to learn more.
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