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Paul Gottsegen
Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer
At Mindtree, we achieve extraordinary digital transformation for our customers, because we take an analytical look at the past and a visionary look into the future. In this month's Spotlight, we feature Mindtree's success in supporting the buildout of a fast-moving DevOps environment for a major U.S. cloud provider. We used our accomplishments in that project to help launch a new public cloud in China based on the same DevOps principles. We also analyze a recent engagement to define exactly how our infrastructure management strategies contribute to ROI. Be sure to listen to SITA's assessment of the attributes that make Mindtree a valuable partner, and read what we've done for loss control.

The future is always interesting to Mindtree. In this issue, we take an insightful look at where the travel industry needs to take personalization and what's next in speech and gesture recognition. One day soon, we'll be using machine learning and natural language understanding to talk to our kitchens, our furniture and our cars! We wish each of you a new year filled with the personal and corporate success that comes from pushing your limits into a future filled with Possibilities.
Mindtree adds automation and consistency to risk assessment, tracking and publishing
How insurers and risk management companies approach loss inspection and risk assignment has a far-reaching impact on business exposure. With this month's announcement of our Loss Control Platform, Mindtree transforms the underwriting and risk assessment process. It's one more way our Platforms Solutions Group is helping to modernize core systems and accelerate digital transformation.

Mindtree supports DevOps in a major public cloud undertaking, delivers 99.95% service availability during rapid growth
When a global technology company engaged Mindtree to support a DevOps environment in a new public cloud, they got everything they needed and more. We created training programs, engineered service accelerators and collaborated with developers to resolve issues promptly. We applied daily changes to the production environment while keeping customer workloads continually available.

We also dramatically contained costs on a platform that grew five-fold over five years. The new public cloud has an estimated $1 billion run rate and is used by more than half of the Fortune 500 companies. Today, we're replicating the operations support model we used there to expand public cloud into new geographies.
SITA envisions a bright future with Mindtree support
SITA, the world's leading specialist in air transport communications and IT, contracted with Mindtree to roll out and maintain a complex Oracle financial solution. Mindtree's problem-solving capabilities reduced support incidents and stabilized month-end processing.

Vipul Tanna, director of enterprise applications at SITA, discusses what makes Mindtree a valuable partner - technology expertise, collaborative culture, commitment from leadership and transparency at all levels.
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5 Ways to Increase Your Infrastructure Management ROI
Forrester Consulting's 2015 Total Economic Impact study answers important questions for companies looking at Mindtree for Infrastructure Management Services (IMS). That's why Ram C Mohan, Mindtree executive vice-president and global head of IMS, uses a YouTube video to discuss how Mindtree achieved a 104% ROI in less than seven months for a large investment firm.

The five strategies Mohan outlines in the video resulted in $19 million in cost savings for our customer. We believe our approach can help any organization reduce infrastructure management costs and achieve rapid ROI.
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How travel companies can personalize the customer journey
Travel companies can take a lesson from online retailers when it comes to using personalized preferences and unstated desires to increase sales. A recent Information Age post features ideas from Mindtree experts Adnan Saulat and Suman Nambiar on advancements in personalization that can transform the travel experience.

Find out what's next for the travel industry in information management, digital experiences and analytics.
Siri, can you see me? How will speech and gesture recognition change the user experience of tomorrow?
Today, we think it's "cool" when our mobile devices respond to our voices. But it won't be long until artificial intelligence develops to the point where you can have real conversations with machines that respond to both your voice and gestures.

Our own Karun Soni from the Bluefin team posts a thoughtful blog on the slick, quick, practical and fun user experiences of the future.
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