Paul Gottsegen
Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer
At Mindtree, we have a simple yet powerful mission statement - it goes like this - "We engineer meaningful technology solutions to help businesses and societies flourish". You will see this shine through as we give you our latest thinking on how you can harness the power of digital transformation, hybrid cloud and wearables to drive growth, combined with a broadcast TV spotlight on our technology-based efforts that are solving some of the core waste problems for large cities like Bangalore.
Avoid the hazards on your voyage to digital transformation. Be prepared to disrupt.
Digital transformation is all about rocking the boat—in a big way—and that's never a simple task. If you're going to succeed, you have to know where the hazards are, and where you can shake up the status quo, before you begin the voyage. See this blog by Anshuman Sigh, General Manager & European Head of the Digital Business & Consulting at Mindtree and learn to successfully disrupt.
Are wearable devices the next big thing for enterprises? See for yourself.
Every now and then a new concept comes along that completely changes how people live and work. Is wearable computing one of those transformative ideas? Learn how your enterprise can benefit from embracing wearables to move ahead of the competition.
Successful IT operations means adopting a hybrid cloud perspective.
Learn the key factors in building and running an effective IT operations by adopting hybrid cloud-based capabilities. Madhusudhan, Senior VP & Chief Technology Officer at Mindtree shares his insights on hybrid cloud innovation.
Struggling to create a breakthrough omni-channel buying experience for your customers? Here's how you can make digital real.
Successful digital marketing isn't some sort of magic trick (well, maybe a little). It's possible to create web, social and mobile experiences that delight your customers—it just takes a special kind of partner. This eBook teaches you how deep expertise, nimble processes and the right partnerships can help you eliminate complexity, conquer tight deadlines and deliver digital experiences that magically enchant your customers.
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Kellogg's thinks out of the box with digital marketing.
Kellogg's global dynamic digital marketing IT platform supports more than 50 brands and 400 digital properties. In its desire to use technology to better serve customers, Kellogg's is gearing up for ultra-fast market responsiveness through the latest security technologies and cloud infrastructure.
BBC on how technology and teamwork can clean up India's waste problem.
A recent video by BBC World news shows how Mindtree's I Got Garbage (IGG) waste management initiative is transforming Bangalore by enabling traditional "rag pickers" to be successful business entrepreneurs while also keeping the city's neighborhoods clean. With around 7,000 homes already onboard, the program is considering going mainstream across the rest of the city.
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Is your wearable device ready for the Internet of Things? Cypress and Mindtree are making sure it is.
Cypress Semiconductor recently introduced a highly integrated suite of single-chip Bluetooth® Smart solutions. The low-power, sensor-based designs are tailor made for the Internet of Things (IoT) wearables as well as human interface devices, remote controls, and toys. The Cypress designs incorporate Mindtree's Bluetooth Smart link layer, stack, and profile components to produce chips that feature prolonged battery life, customizable sensing capabilities, sleek, and intuitive user interfaces.
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