Our deep expertise in Agile development and Digital solutions has created stellar results for our clients and for Mindtree. In this edition, we hear thought provoking views from a few of our Mindtree Minds focused in these areas. Beyond making your business transformation happen, we are also the catalyst for a cloud-based method of transforming waste removal for a major city.
Agile development is more of a culture than a process

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Agile is direct and straight-forward, but it's not always easy. Effective Agile transformations require a total culture change. Read more about the importance of establishing a culture that embraces open communication and collaboration between business and technical individuals for successful Agile implementations.
Mindtree announced its first quarter results for FY 2014-15
With revenue at $141 million, Mindtree delivered a strong revenue growth of 6.4% quarter over quarter. Our clients continue to demonstrate trust in our expertise-based solutions.
Scrum anti-patterns affect Agile development process
A manager assigning tasks and dictating effort is completely contrary to the Agile way of working. Great Scrum teams are self-organizing, the Scrum Master is a servant leader. Dwight Kingdon, Agile Coach at Mindtree talks about the significance of communication between business and developers for successful Scrum projects.
Critical elements for successful monitoring of IT
Lack of visibility across IT environment can hurt performance, availability, capacity and efficiency. Learn more about the five critical elements for effective IT monitoring and how Mindtree's MWatch can help achieve the same.
Banks unlock the true value of digital by focusing on disruption rather than incremental innovation
True transformation comes from addressing customer needs better, faster and cheaper. Anshuman Singh, General Manager - Digital at Mindtree, talks about how banks must integrate with the larger eco-system of innovators to deliver maximum value to their customers.
Create a personal and individualized relationship with your audience
Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing channels of targeted communication, interaction, engagement and delivery. In a Huffington Post article about digital marketing, Radha R., Executive VP and Head - Retail and Manufacturing at Mindtree, talks about how retailers should rethink their online selling and marketing strategies to win millennial consumers.
I Got Garbage - Cloud may rain solution on trash woes
I Got Garbage , Mindtree's cloud-based platform aims at simplifying waste management and transform Bangalore's waste pickers into entrepreneurs through a structured and governed waste management framework.
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