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Paul Gottsegen
Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer
The digital tidal wave happening to all of us has spawned a sea-change in how un-siloed development and operations have become. For IT to be a relevant partner to lines of business, DevOps is one of the key pillars to make that happen and is a close companion to Agile. While this is still a misunderstood area for some organizations, if done correctly it can lead to dramatically faster release cycles. Check out the White Paper in our Spotlight section. Also, note that Mindtree made two important acquisitions this month to help accelerate digital transformation for both CPG companies and SAP HANA environments.
Milestone for Mindtree - quarter revenue crosses $150 million
"Our Digital story has taken off," says Krishnakumar Natarajan, Mindtree's CEO & Managing Director. "We see tremendous opportunities to partner with clients for their digital transformation initiatives" Learn how and where we did it in this insightful press release.
Mindtree expands SAP HANA expertise with Bluefin Solutions acquisition
Mindtree acquired Bluefin Solutions, a market-leading consultancy specializing in SAP HANA. Bluefin has an award-winning track record helping businesses manage digital transformations across the entire SAP portfolio. SAP thinks it's a good move: "Bluefin Solutions has achieved success in the marketplace thanks to their strong team and early-adopter status with the SAP HANA platform," said Rob Enslin, Executive Board Member and President of Global Customer Operations for SAP. "I congratulate Mindtree for strengthening their ability to help customers implement a next-generation platform for the digital economy." Read more about the Bluefin deal in this recent press release.
Mindtree strengthens its CPG market leadership by acquiring Relational Solutions, Inc.
That's not all. Mindtree has made another strategic acquisition of Relational Solutions, Inc., a provider of analytics for consumer packaged goods (CPG). Mindtree's strong portfolio of CPG offerings will be bolstered by Relational Solutions' complementary intellectual property and proven expertise in supply chain optimization and trade promotions analytics.
DevOps - Are we there yet?
DevOps is often a misunderstood concept and treated as a cool technology implementation that will help organizations transform overnight and deliver products faster to market. On the other hand, there are organizations who understand the value of DevOps, but don't know how to adopt it. This whitepaper gives a practical view of DevOps and how to apply it - especially for organizations on the digital transformation journey. DevOps doesn't work just by adoption, it only works when applied the correct way.
Download white paper >>
Five steps to cloud success
Will you be one of the thousands of businesses to move to the cloud this year? Cloud programming tools are different from traditional systems: performance can slow in novel ways and integration work takes on a new layer of complexity. To clear these hurdles, you'll need to develop new best practices. Technology trends writer Paul Korzeniowski offers five tips to start you off on the right foot.
Four essential V's for a Big Data analytics platform
Does Big Data mean big returns? Not necessarily. Data is only as valuable as the business outcomes it makes possible. To gauge data's value, you need an analytics platform that can measure the four V's-volume, velocity, variety, and veracity. Soumendra Mohanty at Dataconomy discusses how those Vs can uncover hidden expense drains and increase revenue and customer retention-the kind of results that go right to the bottom line.
Mindtree Q&A: Will digital disruption rescue banks from their most serious failings? Computer Business Forum (CBR) asks our experts
An increasingly impatient and active financial consumer base is reacting to poor customer service by taking their business elsewhere. CBR asks Mindtree's Anshuman Singh, Europe General Manager & Head of Digital Business, how banks can reverse their losses by using digital disruption. Read Anshuman's views on what's shaping the sector and the valuable lessons banks can learn from other industries.
They can run, but they can't hide: MiFIR transaction reporting will shake up dark markets. But how will it mess with your compliance best practices?
New Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation (MiFIR) requirements are shaking up the financial world. They're meant to. As European government agencies move to clamp down on commodity speculation and dark markets, MiFIR's stringent transaction reporting will impact everyone from investment companies to commodity firms, data providers and third-party firms. Download Mindtree's complimentary viewpoint on what's at stake and how to achieve accurate and cost-effective MiFIR transaction reporting.
The Modern Retail Customer, Part 1 - Personalizing the in-store experience
Retrieving, integrating and summarizing descriptive data is vital for retailers-so they've been doing it for years. Learn some valuable tips from these online pros and boost your pull success by adopting a less descriptive, more predictive approach to enriching your company's web site customer experience.
Considering insurance software suites? Learn the answers to the top 3 questions our clients ask us
Eric Eckert, Business Solution Architect at Mindtree, has some advice for you if you plan to purchase and implement an insurance package in the near future. Eric's blog provides straight talk about what to expect and what to plan for to help ensure successful project outcomes.
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