Final Possibilities June 2015
Paul Gottsegen
Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer
As the digital revolution continues to disrupt the market across industries, forward-thinking enterprises are turning to Agile frameworks to reinvigorate software development teams-and meet evolving customer expectations. But effective Agile implementation requires more than adopting a set of frameworks. It requires a new, collaborative culture.

Without a shift in corporate culture, organizations attempting to squeeze Agile frameworks into traditional development models rarely see the outcomes they expected. In the report, "The Agile Journey: Following Agile to Being Agile," the Everest Group Research proposes successful organizations adopt agile as a journey, not a destination, by continually evolving their approach. I recommend you check it out below.
Everest Group Research Report: Are You Being Agile or Just Living an Agile Illusion?
Everest logoGone are the days when enterprises could take their own sweet time to bring products and services to the market. In today's world, they have to respond quickly to market changes driven by shifting customer expectations, increasing competitive pressure, and rapid technology disruption.

This Everest Group report, "The Agile Journey: Following Agile to Being Agile," highlights practices recommended for scaling Agile across the enterprise, the pitfalls of piecemeal Agile adoption and the implications of overcomplicating Agile.
IoT Testing: A Fresh Look at the Top 5 Challenges in a Connected World
It's time for QA organizations to take a fresh look at how they approach application platform testing. Why? Because as the number of interconnected devices continues to expand, product testing becomes more complex than ever.

But that's not all. With heterogeneous data sources and incredibly large volumes of information, QA teams face a new array of challenges. We've identified the top five trials and tribulations experienced at Mindtree and how your organization can overcome them.
Purposeful Collaboration: Distributed Agile Pod Delivers Sky-High Results for Major Airline
A mature Agile culture values collaboration and teamwork above all else. Mindtree's Airwolf Pod exemplifies this spirit of collaboration, despite being divided between our Agile Center of Excellence in Florida and a location several states away.

When the Airwolf Pod redesigned web services for a major airline, they collaborated every step of the way-and delivered amazing results.
The Digital Insurer: Embracing Technology to Create Opportunities
Karen Furtado, a Partner at Strategy Meets Action, explains why the insurance industry is starting to recognize that true opportunity lies in proactive rather than reactive approaches to product design, risk management, customer relationships, and business models.

By using the concept of the Digital Insurer, organizations can now identify specific capabilities that must be addressed in order to move a company toward that proactive model. Find out how it's working.
Global Airline Personalizes Ancillary Products and Services to Improve Customer Experience and Profitability
With the growing importance of retailing and merchandising to the travel industry, airlines are beginning to resemble retailers like more than their predecessors. Today's carriers use big data analytics to offer personalized loyalty programs, credit cards, insurance, hotel deals and other branded products and services.

Customers are taking notice and responding. These offerings now make the customers' travel experience more enjoyable-and provide important new revenue for the travel industry. But as one global airline is learning, this is only the beginning.
Top 6 Testing Trends for Today's Connected World-and How to Capitalize on Them
Top 6 Testing Trends for Today’s Connected WorldAnyone in testing knows that assessing new products is more complex than ever in this connected world. Mobile devices, smart appliances, media channels, developmental environments, and business applications must be designed to connect seamlessly and work successfully within the Internet of Things (IoT).

So, what's a tester to do? To help companies improve their testing capabilities and define strategies, Manas Chakraborty, Mindtree's Global Head of Testing Services, examines six trends that are shaping testing services-and recommendations on how to capitalize on them.
Download the point-of-view paper >>
Transform Recruitment Strategies and Attract Top-Notch Talent with Taleo Analytics
Today's organizations compete for qualified employees in a shrinking labor pool. To grow strategically, they need to make informed recruiting decisions about the kind of candidates they need and where to find them. How do they get an edge?

The embedded analytics capabilities in Oracle Taleo can overcome these challenges and create effective recruitment strategies for future campaigns.

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