Paul Gottsegen
Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer
Agile software development is a great way to deliver value very quickly, and the best way to collaborate across development teams. Our Agile Center-of-Excellence in Gainesville Florida is built from the ground up to help Mindtree co-innovate with your team in real time. The daily stand-up scrums, in the same or adjacent time zones, on the big video conference screens at our location and yours - really drive home the benefits of Agile: speed, accuracy, and collaboration.
New division to contribute 10% of Mindtree's revenues in the next five years
How do you grow a successful new division quickly? Chief Executive Krishnakumar Natarajan talks about Mindtree's latest venture in an interview with industry publication Economic Times. Natarajan says the company is well on its way in creating industry-specific core application solutions through its new Platform Services Group.
Do you adhere to Agile principles over practice? Learn the root causes of Agile failure
Do you believe that prioritizing practices over principles is one of the key reasons for Agile failures? In this 3-part blog series by Dwight Kingdon, Principal Consultant & Agile Coach, Mindtree, we dig deeper into the root causes of Agile failures and touch on how to avoid some of the common pitfalls.

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Agile is the byword at Mindtree's Agile Center of Excellence in Florida
If you are looking for a best-practice center to deliver software projects dramatically faster and with higher quality than you’ve ever experienced, then you need to experience Mindtree's onshore location, right across from the University of Florida. Here, Mindtree engineers daily live the principles of Agile - frequent deliveries, close collaboration, transparency, and continuous integration and testing-to deliver solutions that can transform your business.

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The prize goes to the fastest: Three reasons to go Agile in your digital transformation
Everyone tries to woo and win customers with the sleekest, shiniest digital experiences before their competitors. Mindtree's Peeyush Dubey, General Manager, Marketing gives you three reasons to go Agile that can propel you across the "to market" finish line in front of the competition.
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Get a glimpse into the inner workings of an Agile team
An industry leader in timeshares and hospitality engaged Mindtree to retrofit their existing desktop-optimized website to a mobile design. The project used a waterfall team offshore to build the backend and an Agile team onshore to build the responsive frontend. Learn how we kept the two teams in step despite the difference in methodologies.
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Wearables break into banks and insurance offices
What are wearables doing in banks and insurance offices? Those aren't thought to be hotbeds of innovation. Think again. See what tech-savvy financial services companies are doing with smart connected devices to follow stocks, transact business and more.
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Wearables take to the skies to serve airline agents, crews and passengers
This is no flight of fancy. In their quest to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction, airlines are taking wearables to the wild blue yonder. For instance, some major airlines are testing Google Glass to capture video to assess aircraft flight readiness. Others are developing apps to help agents book tickets and provide more accurate flight information.
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Better monitor your personal cloud adoption-or risk your own peril
Information Age addresses mobility security concerns in its February Strategy and Innovation column. Mindtree's Ram C Mohan, Executive Vice President, Infrastructure Management Services is quoted extensively in the article on the need for companies to create and clearly communicate policies on personal content storage and use within a professional environment.
Read more>> gives you 8 ways to create a successful multichannel customer experience
An article in has industry experts describing methods that multichannel retailers can deploy to integrate social media and ecommerce technologies to enhance the in-store shopping experience and increase sales. Lucky number seven comes from Mindtree's Radha R., Executive Vice President, CPG-Retail.
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