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Paul Gottsegen
Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer
At Mindtree, we continually look for ways to help companies from numerous industries execute the right digital transformation projects for their business. In this month's newsletter, we look at the value of APIs, trends affecting wearable technology for banks and what the cloud means to developer workflows. We also dive into what makes digital experiences real and what other industries can teach the travel industry about improving the customer experience. Check out our comparison of two Oracle sourcing platforms and our Spotlight on what PepsiCo UK and Coca-Cola did to win Mindtree's digital innovation awards. Also, take note of the role Mindtree Kalinga is taking in changing the mindset of tomorrow's engineers.
Stellar Quarter For Mindtree: Revenue Growth Of 16.4% Q-o-Q And Interim Dividend Recommendation
It's been a strong quarter for Mindtree with increases in revenue growth, multi-million dollar wins with leading global clients and numerous industry recognitions. "A stellar quarter on all fronts. Our recent strong deal wins and strategic acquisitions will fuel growth and enhance our leadership in the digital space. We are also excited about our new state-of-the-art global learning center at Bhubaneswar, focused on building the digital workforce of tomorrow. These are great strides that will continue to yield impressive results for our clients in a rapidly changing business environment," said Krishnakumar Natarajan, CEO and Managing Director at Mindtree.
Far Away From India's Silicon Valley, Mindtree Kalinga Mines The IT Brain
In a corner of eastern India, far from India's IT hub in Bengaluru, Mindtree sets out to change the training standards for engineers entering the burgeoning IT services field. Mindtree Kalinga in Bhubaneshwar is our flagship training center, where we've taken on one of the most ambitious projects in our 16-year history. Our training center sets out to improve the way engineering grads solve problems. In addressing engineering creativity, we respond to a long-held complaint by some of India's largest IT customers that India's IT services companies are better at taking orders that at problem-solving.
IGD Announces Digital Innovation Winners
We engaged in a six-month global search to find the winners of this year's digital innovation awards. The Mindtree awards go to companies that have found exciting ways to boost brand loyalty and create remarkable online shopping experiences.

Our digital engagement award went to PepsiCo UK.
Our e-commerce award went to Coca-Cola enterprises.
Do A Little, Grow A Lot: APIs Help Businesses Do More With Less
From an omni-channel overhaul to a value chain digitization or a data analytics upgrade, the expanse of digital transformation projects open to businesses can be a little overwhelming. Where should they invest their dollars when there is so much to do? In a recent CBR article, Radha R, head of digital business at Mindtree, discusses the value APIs have brought to businesses in the retail, travel and financial services industries.
Transforming The Customer Experience - Ideas For The Travel Industry From Outside The Travel Industry
As customer adoption of digital technologies soars, the travel industry is looking for ways to add personalization and service sophistication to every transaction. In this article, Adnan Saulat, general manager and travel industry specialist at Mindtree, discusses how trends in the retail and banking industry can serve the travel industry.
Diving Deep Into Three Essentials To Make Digital Experiences Real
In our webinar, "Three Essentials to Make Digital Experiences Real," a guest speaker from Forrester put forward insights that can help companies embark on digital transformation. Anil Venkat, senior director of marketing at Mindtree, takes an in-depth look at the three essentials: organizational change, software integration and strategic use of service partners.
Wearables Are An Attractive Opportunity For Banks To Re-engage With Their Customers. Here's Why.
Wearable technology, such as smartwatches, smart glasses and fitness bands, has had an impact across healthcare, sports and fitness sectors. But are banking consumers ready for banking through wearable accessories? Karthikeyan Dhayalamani, lead business analyst at Mindtree, takes a multi-sided look at the consumer viewpoint on Wearable Banking.
How APIs Enable Digital Banking
Traditional banks are losing ground as consumers reach out to the most innovative banks, non-banks and aggregators for banking services and financial information. The component that differentiates these new, disruptive business models is the application program interface (API). Find out how the API is taking hold across financial services.
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Deciding Between Oracle E-Business Suite Sourcing and Oracle Fusion Sourcing: 10 Things To Consider
The right sourcing tool can help a procurement buyer exploit more opportunities for saving and capture more value from each opportunity. In this point of view paper, Mindtree looks at 10 factors that deserve consideration when deciding whether to use Oracle EBS Sourcing or Oracle Fusion Sourcing.
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Give Me A Browser, And I'll Give You The World
With the cloud, not only are apps and systems going virtual, but so are developer workflows. D.J. Adams, a consultant for Bluefin, a Mindtree company, takes a compelling look at what SAP HANA Cloud Platform can do for developer productivity.
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