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Paul Gottsegen
Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer
Transforming your business for competitive advantage requires deep expertise in some key new areas. This month’s newsletter covers emerging areas such as Chat Bots and Blockchain. It also throws light on how retail shopping is thriving in the digital era to deliver personalized customer experiences. Lastly, we’re proud to share that NelsonHall has recognized Mindtree as a leader in the digital testing segment. Check it out!
Mindtree partners with Conversable to transform customer conversations

Mindtree and Conversable are partnering to help brands deliver improved customer service and open better paths to ecommerce by creating on-demand customer conversations via chat bot technology. The partnership combines Mindtree’s industry-leading digital transformation consulting services and data integration capabilities with Conversable’s groundbreaking chat bot enterprise platform. Learn how these chat bots help customers receive faster, more relevant responses from brands.
Mindtree’s Gainesville Delivery Center brings digital transformation to life
Mindtree's Gainesville Delivery Center (GDC) in Florida is a technology powerhouse. Not only does it house our Global Agile Center of Excellence, but it is also delivers engaging digital experiences that keep our clients competitive in the marketplace. Check out this new video to learn how customers such as Kellogg’s and a major airline came to Mindtree to help them solve some of their biggest digital challenges and bring digital transformation to life.
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Mindtree recognized by NelsonHall as leader in software testing services
As your company leverages technology to transform the customer experience, Software Testing and QA are taking center stage. Reflecting our deep expertise in this area, leading analyst firm NelsonHall recognizes Mindtree’s leadership providing software testing services. This report spotlights our ability to meet both current and future testing requirements, and deliver immediate benefits with a specific focus on digital testing offerings.
Pokémon and big data pave the way for commercial opportunities

Pokemon GO, the new phenomenon in gaming, is an amazing mix of augmented reality, combining real-world environments with computer generated graphics in the context of Google Maps. Daniel Wilde, Director, Big Data & Analytics, Bluefin Solutions was impressed with the game and how organizations can utilize the mammoth amount of structured data collected by game developers and translate it into something commercially beneficial. Wilde is intrigued with how well the game picks up geolocation, which got him thinking about the profitable possibilities it opens for businesses who use big data.
Blockchain for banks: An implementation guide
Blockchain is creating a lot of buzz these days. Both Fintech firms and traditional financial institutions are experimenting on blockchain either on their own or in partnerships. Blockchain, based on distributed ledger technology, is making it popular not just among the financial institutions, but across many sectors. Vikash Kumar of Mindtree provides a detailed guide of how to implement a blockchain and where it has already made a significant impact for banks.
Beware: SaaS-based ERP upgrades are not a no-brainer
In the world of software-as-a-service ERP, perception is not always reality. This is especially true when it comes to the belief that upgrades of SaaS-based ERP systems are performed automatically by the vendors. There is a perception that upgrade notifications will be automatic and companies only need to click yes or no. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Linda Rosencrance at TechTarget explores the world of vendor upgrades and separates perception from reality.
Forbes reveals how high street retail shopping is thriving
Brick-and-mortar stores have changed dramatically since the advent of e-commerce. According to Anil Gandharve, Mindtree’s European Sales Head, physical stores are now bridges between consumers and brands. According to ATKearny, up to 95% of retail sales are captured by the companies with traditional high street shops. In the future, Gandharve foresees these traditional retail shops transforming even further into customer experience centers, where digital and physical experiences merge for tomorrow’s shoppers. Learn how retailers can use analytics to understand these omnichannel shoppers and deliver personalized experiences that drive sales and customer loyalty.
About Mindtree:
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