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Black Friday apps: Deals are important, but customer experience is the priority

Retailers are always trying to hone their mobile experience to reach customers on the move, and shoppers are never more mobile than on Black Friday. Having an effective app strategy in place will be more important this year than ever before, with many shoppers planning to do more shopping on mobile than they have in the past.

Of course, the hottest tech in mobile retail at the moment is iBeacons, and many retailers' app strategies will center on harnessing their targeting capabilities. But while pushing promotions to customers in the appropriate aisle or in the vicinity of certain products will be an important element, it shouldn't be the primary focus, according to Jeff Simpson, director, Deloitte Consulting.

"For a long time there was this intense focus on using apps as just another channel to deliver coupons and in some cases messaging, but it's clear that the next wave of apps are really focused on things like way-finding and changing the customer experience," he said. "There's almost perfect information on pricing now no matter where you go. The differentiator in our mind is availability and location."