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Blending 4 distinct models for digital success

Pressure on businesses to stay current in today’s digital world is escalating as mobile technology, analytics, social media and cloud computing disrupt current business models. But this disruption should be embraced because successfully integrating modern digital technologies will allow businesses to operate in new and exciting ways.

When we refer to “making digital real,” we’re talking about blending four core models that are crucial to achieving true digital transformation: creating digital customer experiences, digitising the value chain across the front and back end, developing “sense-and-respond” systems, and shaping new, innovative business models and partnerships.

Creating digital customer experiences

New age consumers are “phy-gital,” crossing between physical and digital channels at will, to make their lives as efficient as possible. They expect rich, convenient, fast experiences that are also personalised and available on demand, regardless of channel or medium. Delivering on these expectations requires companies to introduce differentiated operating models or reinvent essential functional areas, in a way that will drive growth and new revenue by giving customers a richer, more convenient and faster experience.