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Cloud: crowding out costs

Krishnakishore B.V. puts it succinctly — “when it comes to the ‘cloud', it takes time for customers to understand what one can do with it. For instance, he says, his company's software testing arm can do both: testing of cloud-based applications, as well as cloud-based testing of applications! “There's a world of difference.”

(Cloud computing refers to the provision of computing resources on demand via a network. It's akin to electricity and water, on tap — literally. Typically, it does not matter to the end-user where exactly his provider hosts the data and computes with it. In this instance, a testing provider can test applications that are meant to go on the cloud, but can also provide testing of normal-world applications through the cloud.)

Krishnakishore, Program Director – Cloud Business Solutions at MindTree, dons two hats: he is a client who uses Microsoft's cloud offering, the Azure platform; he also sells solutions to his clients based on the same software.