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The Interview: Paul Gottsegen, CMO, Mindtree

Fifty percent of new CMOs are hired to fix broken marketing organizations - and that was the case when global IT firm Mindtree poached the CMO of its biggest competitor, Infosys, in 2013.

When Paul Gottsegen joined Mindtree last October, marketing at the technology services company consisted mainly of a few branding-focused plays. Gottsegen knew it was time to rearchitect the marketing practice to concentrate more on actually affecting the company’s bottom line.

Almost a year later, Mindtree has created a “modern marketing machine,” according to Gottsegen, that allows the company to produce many high-level leads, move them through the sales pipeline, and nurture them into revenue. The best part: Mindtree can measure it all, and Gottsegen says the company knows exactly what its marketing is doing. Read on to find out how Gottsegen did it. Tell me a little about yourself and Mindtree.
I’ve been a B2B enterprise marketer since the '80s, having spent the first half of my career at Compaq. I then moved on to do enterprise marketing for Dell, and also at HP later on. Before joining Mindtree, I was CMO at one of the largest outsourcing firms, Infosys, and then joined Mindtree about one year ago. That equals about 27 years of product and outbound marketing for enterprises.

Mindtree is a $500-million-plus technology services company. We specialize in areas such as digital transformation, testing, infrastructure, and helping customers become more agile. We do this for many Fortune 500 companies, and we have more than 200 clients. We are global, and most of the business is in the U.S., but a big chunk of the rest is in Western Europe. Our goal is to help clients differentiate through technology.

Paul Gottsegen

For example, we work with an airline that we help with baggage handling and flight-control planning. In the consumer products industry, we help one of the large CPG brands with all of its trade promotion management, and we help another CPG with running all of its digital marketing sites. In the hotel business, we’re helping one brand with all of their mobile applications. What are the biggest challenges you face with marketing and selling IT services on a global scale?
I came to Mindtree and had a green-field opportunity: They had not done much marketing beyond some good branding work. The big challenge was to build a team to drive high-quality leads and use marketing to not only drive the leads, but to nurture them all the way through the sales pipeline. That was the No. 1 challenge: driving additional revenue. The company had scale to a very large degree, with 13,000 people and half a billion in revenue, but to scale further and get to the next level we needed a modern marketing machine to turn a lot of leads into the sales pipeline and nurture them very quickly into revenue. We built a modern marketing system from scratch ... and we did it within a year.