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Connect Better with Customers by Using Small Data Found on Social Media

Hotel customers and guests have adopted social media technologies faster than any other previous technologies. Much like companies in other industries, hospitality organizations have tried to bolster the many benefits of these social platforms, but few have maximized their potential. In fact, industry studies have shown that a large majority of value creation opportunities from social media technologies are yet to be untapped by hospitality companies, notes Mindtree.

In this social-media dependent world, guests expect the same kind of convenience and personalization from hospitality companies that they receive from modern marketplaces like Amazon and Uber. Hospitality companies have to think beyond basic customer segmentation tactics in order to meet the demands of today’s consumers. To connect more efficiently with guests and meet today’s customer demands, comprehensive personalization is required across the customer’s journey — not just with individual customer touchpoints. Hospitality companies have to see the interactions through the customer’s eyes and reshape guest touch-points to create value in a customer-centric way. This requires thinking beyond traditional customer profiles and incorporating cognitive customer insights such as customer’s personality traits, tone, emotions and likely behavior to a product or service to enrich traditional customer profiles into cognitive customer profiles.