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Five Recommendations To Transform Your Marketing Team

For so many years, I would hide the fact that I was a career marketer. People seemed to love to make fun of marketing, calling us some form of spin doctor.

Times have changed. With the emergence of a whole new wave of digital strategies, marketing is now the No. 1 CEO priority. To realize the full potential of a modern marketing approach, here are five key lessons I’ve learned in the past year.

If you can solve these, you will be in a great spot to transform your marketing team.

  1. “I’m Spartacus”: Get everyone on your marketing team to realize digital is their job--that there is no such thing as “digital marketing.” Instead, we are all marketing in a digital world. This is not a time for specialists to be segregated from the core marketing organization. It’s all hands on deck. Everyone must become fluent in automation and analytics, nurturing three to four cutting-edge digital tools that they bring to the table as change agents to the marketing mix. This applies to the CMO as well. If the CMO fails to do so, the company might very well hire a chief digital officer or chief omnichannel officer until the CMO is effectively sidelined.
  2. Start your day with a glass of waterfall: You need to use digital tools to enable marketing to finally track marketing-created leads all the way through the sales funnel. Once and for all, this solves the age-old challenge of CMOs being able to report marketing ROI back to the CEO. For a tight linkage between marketing automation and sales CRM, create a “demand waterfall” that serves as a mechanism to not only drive clarity on marketing impact, but has the enormous beneficial side effect of ensuring the sales team actually uses their CRM. When done right, everyone on the marketing team will begin their workday by quickly analyzing the previous day’s lead progressions.