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India Inc includes persons with disability in growth script

MUMBAI | NEW DELHI: Two employees with hearing impairment at Capgemini are delivering 140% productivity as compared to an average employee. One of the employees with visual impairment who is part of the recruitment team is among the top 10 performers and has been consistently overachieving her targets.

The company says it has seen that teams where a person with disability is employed show higher bonding, morale, and empathy towards each other, higher productivity, and higher commitment.

At Accenture, all its inclusion and diversity sponsors and practitioners from FY15 will have a business card printed in Braille. This is being done to sensitise and impact the network that these individuals may be a part of in their daily roles at work.

An increasing number of companies are helping employees with disabilities to be a part of the workforce as they recognise the benefits of creating an inclusive and integrated workplace. Initiatives range from creating physical infrastructure, ensuring accessibility to the workplace, charting out their career growth, HR policies and processes that ensure non-discrimination towards people with disabilities, and generating awareness on employing people with disabilities.