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Lessons to be learnt from 'perfect entrepreneurs'

Publication name:Hindu Business Line

Date:Feb 13, 2011

Mr Subroto Bagchi, Vice-Chairman and Gardener, MindTree Ltd, speaks about lessons from 10 entrepreneurs of Bangalore. These people offer different facets to entrepreneurship, he says during the course of his speech at an event organised recently by Business Line in Bangalore. This first part covers the first five entrepreneurs and the lessons learnt from them.

Excerpts from his speech:


First and foremost, I think entrepreneurship is about vision and every vision creates displacement. It is best exemplified by Mr V.G. Siddartha, who started the Café Coffee Day chain. He departed from the family business of growing coffee and went to Mumbai to learn what investment banking is all about. His father gave him Rs 5 lakh and said “May you do well and if you don't do well, you can come back.”

He did not invest the money in the stock market. Instead, he bought a piece of land for Rs 3 lakh and put aside Rs 2 lakh because he felt that the money given to him by his father should not be invested in an area that is uncertain.